The Democrats are going through a serious identity crisis, and according to party leaders, white people are to blame.

Right before the DNC convention, WikiLeaks exposed former disgraced DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s coordinated role in helping Hillary at Bernie’s expense, which forced her to resign as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

And without their fearless DNC leader, the Democrats turned to Hillary to light the way, until she suffered a humiliating defeat in November, leaving the Democratic Party leaderless and in shambles.

Trying to hold it together, the Democrats have begun their search for a new DNC Chairman.

But according to one DNC Chairman candidate, white people are to blame for the mess the Democrats find themselves in and she plans to “shut them down”.

Sally Boynton, who is white herself, currently serves as the Executive Director for the Idaho Democratic Party.

Speaking during the DNC Chair Candidates Forum, Boynton praised the Black Lives Matter movement, and said that although she is a white woman who “doesn’t get it”, she believes white leaders have failed.

Breitbart reported:

“Black lives matter, and it makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation, and that tells me that White leaders in our party have failed. We have to accept that there is prejudice that exists within our own party, and we have to able to have that conversation. We cannot sweep that under the rug. We cannot continue to hide it. We cannot smash voices down when they are trying to scream, ‘Listen to me, you don’t get it.’ I’m a White woman. I don’t get it. I am pleased and honored to be here today to have the conversation. I am so excited that we’re here, and I’m listening because that’s my job. My job is to listen to the issues.”

Boynton continued her bizarre rant, stating her plans to “shut other white people down” when they try to speak because of their white “privilege” and telling the crowd this is “life or death” for the Democratic Party.

She also claimed that blacks don’t have the same “equity” as whites in America, but if elected she would change that.

Breitbart continues:

“My job is to listen and be a voice, and my job is to shut other White people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other White people down when they want to say, oh, no, I’m not prejudiced. I’m a Democrat. I’m accepting.’

My job is to make sure that they get that they have privilege.

 And until we shut our mouths, and we listen to those people who don’t, and we lift our people up, so that we all have equity in this country, so that we’re all fighting alongside each other, so that we are all on the same page, and we clearly get where we’re going, we’re not going to break through this.

This is not just rhetoric. This is life or death. This moment in our country, the Democratic Party has the opportunity to do something different. We have the opportunity to really confront the fact that we have not been in alignment with our values. We’ve been talking a lot of smack. We need to make sure that our actions and our words and our values all match, and around the issue of race, we are so far out of alignment, I don’t even know the way back.”

The Democrats are in disarray with President Trump in the White House and need direction on how to move forward.

But with DNC Chair candidates like Sally Boynton running to take over, it appears the Democrats are more confused than ever.

Attempting to blame white people for the Black Lives Matter movement and failure of the Democratic Party does nothing to unify America.

If the Democrats pick Sally Boynton as their next leader, they will almost guarantee a Republican majority for years to come.

What do you think of Boynton’s comments that white people need to be “shut down” and silenced for their “privilege”?

Do you agree with her praise of the Black Lives Matter movement?

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