286799274_393e0a78f9_qWhat Marquette University liberals did is making those Che Guevara shirts look like crap.

The University’s “Gender and Sexuality Resource Center” proudly unveiled a mural in March celebrating the life of Assata Shakur.

What did Shakur do to deserve such an honor?

She murdered several police officers in a series of terrorist attacks, escaped from prison and fled to Communist Cuba, where she continues to churn out anti-U.S. propaganda.

University officials removed the mural after a professor suspended for expressing conservative views alerted the media to it.

John McAdams stumbled across a Facebook post by the Center bragging about how they honored the violent murderer and Communist militant.

Shakur came to the attention of the FBI after her involvement in a series of violent crimes and terrorist attacks as “the mother hen” of a violent “Black Liberation Army” terrorist cell.

She was implicated in an August 1971 bank robbery, a December 1971 grenade attack that wounded two New York City police officers, and the murders of four NYPD officers, Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones on May 21, 1971 and Gregory Foster and Rocco Laurie on January 28, 1972.

Shakur was finally captured in 1973, after gunning down two New Jersey state troopers who pulled her over for speeding. The troopers did not know the driver and passengers were violent terrorists.

Shakur murdered Trooper Werner Foerster and wounded Trooper James Harper. Shakur was wounded in the firefight and arrested.

After ten trials on a series of felony indictments, Shakur was convicted of Foerster’s murder in 1977.

She didn’t stay in prison for long. In 1979, she and three Black Liberation Army members were able to sneak guns into the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women. Taking guards as hostages, she escaped.

Shakur lived in hiding until 1984, when she fled to Cuba and the Communist dictator Fidel Castro offered her asylum.

She continues to live in Cuba today despite extradition orders, and is on the FBI’s list of the Most Wanted Terrorists, with a $1 million reward for her capture.

Shakur keeps busy in Cuba, where she broadcasts anti-U.S. propaganda. 42 years after her campaign of terrorism began, she is still celebrated by Communists.

And, apparently, Marquette University.