Tucker CarlsonThe left is desperate to force Tucker Carlson off the air.

He is their worst enemy because he isn’t afraid to speak to the truth.

But they may finally get him thrown off the air with their latest insane attack.

While many hosts on Fox News are cheering on the insane impeachment proceedings led by Rep. Adam Schiff, Tucker Carlson is willing to call out how ridiculous it is.

Most hosts aren’t even willing to question the credibility of Schiff’s witnesses.

But if there were Republican witnesses, you can be sure that they would parrot left-wing attacks that would certainly hit them.

On a recent segment of his show, Carlson questioned the credibility of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman by simply using his own words.

Vindman testified before Schiff’s impeachment hearings, alleging that Trump’s call with Ukraine’s President could “undermine U.S. national security.”

But Carlson points out that Vindman’s statement may come from a position of bias, considering that he has long-held ties to Ukraine.

Vindman was born in Ukraine and was even offered the job of Defense Minister after the 2016 election, something Vindman openly admitted during his testimony.

Carlson also points out that he has “strongly-held views on Ukrainian politics — views that may or may not align with U.S. policy on the subject.”

This is all standard journalism.

Carlson is bringing up facts in order to question whether Vindman should be taken seriously considering his documented biases.

But the left-wing media didn’t see it that way and instead claims that his statements are somehow “anti-Semitic.”

Salon ran an article with the headline, “Tucker Carlson claims he didn’t use anti-Semitic trope despite suggesting Vindman has a dual loyalty.”

This is the sort of headline that is meant to convey a narrative that doesn’t exist.

Their entire argument is based on the fact that Vindman is Jewish.

So because he is Jewish, questioning his loyalty due to his connections to Ukraine, a majority Catholic country is “anti-Semitic.”

Carlson fired back at Salon in a statement, pointing out that he never once mentions his religion, as it is entirely irrelevant.

“Our segment noted that Lt. Col. Vindman was offered a high-ranking position in the Ukrainian government — a fact that emerged during his congressional testimony,” Carlson said. “Lt. Col. Vindman’s religious faith was never mentioned, because it is entirely irrelevant. Any suggestion to the contrary is outrageous and dishonest.”

This is the left-wing’s character assassination agenda in action.

They simply label whoever they don’t like as “racist” or some other evil term in order to discredit what they have to say.

The left has been doing this to Carlson for many months, even labeling him as a “white nationalist” on multiple occasions, due to his opposition to illegal immigration.

They are furious that Carlson is one of the top shows on all of television.

He got to that point because he makes sense, and isn’t afraid to call out the lies of both the radical left and the establishment right.

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