What would you say if someone told you the majority Trump claims support him was not as strong as Trump thinks it is?

What would you say if Trump really did win based on fraud and voter manipulation?

How would you feel if one of the most prominent thought leaders in the U.S told you the country really wants a Democrat in office?

Obviously, you would bristle at the idea.

But that’s what Juan Williams, contributor for FOX News and The Hill believes about Trump and his majority.

In an op-ed published on Labor Day, Williams said the only Fake News circulating now is that Trump has the modicum of support he claims to have.

Williams started off by saying the Senate Majority is a “fake majority.”

He claimed the Senate is full of people who don’t really represent the populace as a whole. As he wrote in his article, they only represent 18 percent of the nation’s population.

The Senate that backs Trump, Williams crows, has a radical “right-wing agenda” that extends well beyond protecting an unpopular president.

This Senate is going after their own agenda, Trump be damned.

He points out their efforts to block Obama’s policies while he was in office “To take control of the court they blocked President Obama — a Democrat twice elected with a majority of the popular vote as well as a majority of the electoral college — for close to a year from appointing a centrist judge to the high court.

Senate Republicans, including Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (Iowa), who will preside over this week’s hearings, refused to even give Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland a hearing, let alone an up or down vote.”|

And now having already replaced Garland and installed a solid conservative — Neil Gorsuch — the Senate Republicans, who represent fewer than 1-in-5 Americans, are about to force another conservative on the Supreme Court.”

Then Williams points out the Republican-led Senate’s support of nixing the ACA.

According to Williams, who cited a FOX News poll, more than half of the United States, including a large number of Republicans want to keep Obamacare.

So the fact Obamacare is about to be shuttered with Trump and the Senate’s support shows just how far off Trump is from the masses, William insists.

Another way Trump doesn’t understand how much support he’s lost has to do with the tax cuts he handed out a number of weeks ago.

Relying on additional polls, he insists the tax cuts did Americans no favors, and that’s going to cost Trump.

“The 18-percent-Senate-majority passed tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest one percent of Americans.

Forty-six percent of Americans disapprove of the Trump tax law, according to Quinnipiac polling.”

Then Williams cites polls that show 57% of Americans don’t support how Trump has handled immigration policy and another 58% said they don’t support his handling of race relations to round out the reasons Trump has lost his edge.

Do you think Williams is on to something here?

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