congress_cfIn an unexpected turn of events, some Donald Trump supporters are taking the spotlight off Trump and shining it directly on themselves.

And what they’re saying is great.

But the most surprising thing of all is the supporters themselves. It turns out a few Democrats Senators up for re-election next year are already coming out hat-in-hand to help Trump.

While this is great for the country, it just goes to show how slimy politicians are. Months ago Heidi Heitkamp was saying “Donald Trump represents fear, ignorance, and hatred while demeaning women,”

Now The Hill reports she’s cozying up to him with a clean coal initiative.

Jon Tester, another Democratic senator up for reelection, summed up why gridlock in the Senate usually happens and why he’s now swinging towards Trump now:

“If it creates jobs, strengthens our economy, and is good for Montana then chances are I’m on board. We can’t just say ‘no’ because the idea comes from the other side of the aisle,” he said.

He alludes to the fact that party politics often take precedence over the best interests of the country. Nowhere is that more clear than this:

[…]outgoing Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) didn’t want Democrats to work with vulnerable Republicans ahead of the 2016 elections[…]

Right now, we’ve got three Senators who are willing to shift and work with President Trump (just to protect their jobs), but we’ve got hundreds of Democratic Senators who are going to fight tooth and nail on every single issue because their jobs are secure.

This is why outsider Donald Trump made a Contract with America that included proposing term limits for all members of Congress.

If slimeball Harry Reid can encourage his colleagues not to vote for something that’s good for the country and they can continue in power for years and years, then there’s no incentive to work across the aisle to begin with.

Only when their multi-million dollar job is threatened do they start working towards progress. When Trump passes a term limit law, people will actually start getting to work. And regular Americans will be the ones who benefit.

So for those three Senators who are going to help make America great, it’s about time. For the rest of the Congressmen and Women who feel like they’re protected in their cushy jobs, the American public is putting you on notice. Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp of partisan politics, back-door favors, and pork barrel spending.

Do you think this is “too little, too late” for these Senators? Let us know in the comments below.