It’s no secret that press is at war with Trump. And that Trump is fighting back.

This week alone you could argue the pushback against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was the doing of the press.

They’ve fostered a culture of lies, and now people all over the nation think Kavanaugh is guilty, even though a court of law hasn’t proved this to be true.

And this is why Trump pulls no punches when dealing with the press (even if he happens to tangle with FOX News on occasion).

But their insistence on spreading Fake News and admittedly trying to destroy Trump is what prompted him to insult to them just the other day.

Well, it’s an insult if you’re a conservative at least.

In a testy exchange between Trump and the press corps over Kavanaugh, NAFTA, among other subjects, Trump said he views the press as a figurative and literal part of the Democrat party.

Trump was already tired of defending Kavanaugh against the onslaught of baseless accusations aimed at taking Kavanaugh out of the mix.

Which is why he said the press at large was guilty of taking sides.

As he said, “I consider you a part of the Democrat Party.”


When the press kept hounding Trump to answer on Kavanaugh he ignored for more than an hour.

Instead, he let them take time to ask about his new version of NAFTA which he believes will set the U.S. up for a windfall in new profits.

And the reporters kept badgering him for something on Kavanaugh. When they wouldn’t let up Trump obviously became testy. “What does that have to do with trade?” he snapped after ABC reporter Cecilia Vega questioned him for a second time about his tweets on Kavanaugh. “I don’t mind answering the question, but I’d like to do the trade questions, too.”

And then a third reporter tugged on his shirt and asked about Kavanaugh, to which Trump replied.

“We’ll do the Kavanaugh questions,” he told another reporter shortly after.

When a third reporter sought to ask him about Kavanaugh — and from CNN, one of the president’s usual media targets — Trump was obviously over it.

The Hill reported:

“Don’t do that,” Trump told CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins when she tried to ask about reports the White House had put limits on the FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. “Excuse me, do you have a question on trade?”

When Collins persisted, Trump directed another reporter to be given the microphone and ask a question on trade.

When he agreed to take questions on the controversy surrounding his Supreme Court pick, Trump criticized reports that the White House had not allowed the FBI to interview accuser Julie Swetnick as inaccurate.

Trump insisted he was deferring to the Senate on the investigation, saying he wants it to be “comprehensive” but completed quickly.

Throughout the news conference, Trump continued to squabble with reporters and accuse the press of misleading coverage, charges that have become a hallmark of Trump’s presidency. He accused the press of treating him “unbelievably unfairly.”

“You’ve had enough,” Trump told Collins at a later point, refusing to take another question from her about Kavanaugh.