Donald TrumpThe Democrats’ knives are constantly out for Donald Trump.

They’ve been desperate to take him down since his victory in 2016.

But one report about the 2020 election has Democrats in panic mode.

Liberals have been afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome ever since November 2016.

They believe that outrage alone will either reverse the results of 2016, or at minimum defeat Trump in 2020.

But reports show that Democrats may not get their wish.

CNN sent a journalist to a Democratic stronghold in Minnesota, and they were shocked by what he discovered.

CNN reporter Martin Savidge said, “Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party…the party left them.”

This is exactly the same sentiment Ronald Reagan used when he described how he eventually became a Republican.

As an actor in Hollywood, Reagan saw firsthand the flaws of socialism and union corruption within the industry and became disillusioned with the left.

Coincidentally, the latest rise of socialism is what’s turning away voters in Minnesota and other parts of the country in between the coasts.

While some Minnesotans are voting locally, there’s a strong possibility they could go for Trump in the presidential election, which is bad news for the Democrat map.

The bad news for Democrats didn’t stop there.

Donald Trump held a packed campaign rally in New Mexico, another Democratic stronghold.

Of the 45,000 people who registered for the rally, 94% were from New Mexico, i.e. not mostly fans traveling from red states, 48% were women and 40% were Hispanic, both thought to be trouble demographics for the President.

Also, many of the people who attended were registered Democrats, which implies not everyone on the left is hopping aboard the socialist train.

The state very well could be in play for Trump.

And the news got even worse for Democrats.

Trump and the RNC are breaking fundraising records while the Democrats are struggling.

Trump went inside the belly of the beast in California and raised $15 million, wildly outpacing California Senator Kamala Harris.

Trump raised more money in Harris’s home state than she’s raised nationally.

While the Democrats are stampeding over each other to move to the extreme left, Trump’s agenda is making Americans’ lives tangibly better.

The Democrats have failed to deliver a message that connects with the American people.

The Democrat debates have yielded policy proposals such as open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens, free abortions for all women and transgender men, full-blown gun confiscation, reparations for slavery, and reparations for gay people.

And several of the candidates spoke Spanish while advocating for these insane positions.

With Minnesota and New Mexico in play and Trump smashing fundraising records, the Democrats are in panic mode.

Their only line of attack is trying to scandalize Trump using their media apparatus, but even that isn’t working.

Americans have grown tired of the Democrat hysteria.

All of this bodes well for Trump in 2020, and the Democrats currently don’t have an answer.