maxresdefaultRolling Stone’s attempt to spread feminist grievance culture could end up spreading wealth redistribution.

University of Virginia Associate Dean of Students Nicole Eramo is suing the magazine for $7.5 million over its fabricated story that falsely accused her of covering up a gang rape that never occurred.

In its now-discredited story, Rolling Stone claimed Eramo intentionally covered up a brutal gang rape. That never occurred.

The suit points out that author ’s story was “the result of a wanton journalist who was more concerned with writing an article that fulfilled her preconceived narrative about the victimization of women on American college campuses.”

“Rolling Stone acted with ‘actual malice,’ according to the lawsuit, since Erdely had every reason to suspect that her source for the story— ‘Jackie’ —was lying,” Reason magazine reports. “Indeed, Erdely has already admitted to feelings of nervousness about the story’s veracity around the time of its publication.”

Erdely had good reason to suspect the story was false, as the alleged victim, a woman identified with the pseudonym “Jackie” practically admitted such.

“Jackie” asked Rolling Stone to drop its pursuit, telling Erdley it wasn’t enough to build a story on.

Ironically, the magazine refused, continuing to exploit her after she said no.

Erdely was hell-bent on publishing an explosive story that pushed the liberal feminist narrative of a “rape culture” that must be suppressed with government force. Her previous reporting has been shown to be obsessed with the topics of rape and bullying, often with a liberal political bend.

Rolling Stone’s story even altered photographs of Eramo addressing a classroom to make it appear she was giving a “thumbs-up” sign as a rape victim describes her attack.

While the story claims Eramo covered up the attack, the police disagree. Eramo quickly called police and had “Jackie” meet with detectives. “Jackie” refused to meet with detectives despite Eramo’s urging.

Because of Rolling Stone’s article, Eramo received rape and death threats and University alumni demanded she be fired.

The stress caused by Erdely’s pursuit of “social justice” has worsened Eramo’s recurring breast cancer.

This is the first in what will almost certainly be a litany of lawsuits against the magazine. The fraternity Erdely falsely accused of committing the brutal gang rape was the target of vandalism attacks and punitive measures by University administrators.

A police investigation, and later admissions that the story was fabricated, exonerated the innocent men.

They have announced they also plan to sue Rolling Stone.

But Eramo isn’t the first victim of liberalism’s mob violence approach to social justice at any cost.

In a similar 2006 case, in which the Duke University lacrosse players were falsely accused of rape, the city of Durham, N.C. reached a settlement with three players in a $30 million lawsuit.

In a separate lawsuit, Duke University reached a confidential settlement with 38 other players.

It looks like Rolling Stone may want to loosen it pockets.

image courtesy of Red Pill Philosophy