When President Trump took office, everyone knew he was going to have an uphill battle at the beginning as he put his own staff members in place.

There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of Obama appointees throughout the years who had now become ingrained in the halls of DC and did not want to leave.

Trumps started saying “You’re fired” to lots of people, but he couldn’t do it fast enough.

Obama insiders started leaking classifying information about him, and the press had a field day.

That’s the problem with government.

It needs people to run it and a changeover still needs the old guard to give information and training to the new hires as they come in.

So it’s a surprise to hear that one of the most hated men in DC still has his job.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has been slinking around The Hill and acting as the head of hated tax-collection agency.

And that’s surprising, considering what the Hill reported.

Former President Obama nominated Koskinen to lead the IRS in 2013, not long after it was revealed that the agency had subjected Tea Party groups’ applications for tax-exempt status to extra scrutiny and delays. Koskinen had not previously worked at the IRS and had a background as a turnaround specialist.
Many Republicans accuse Koskinen of impeding congressional investigations into the political-targeting scandal. They argue that he made false and misleading statements under oath and didn’t comply with a subpoena.

What’s even more disturbing to hear two months after Trump entered office is Koskinen said he would resign if President Trump asked him to.

The IRS for the past several years has been used as a weapon against patriots by Obama and his thugs.

Regular Americans been audited, had their organizations flagged and straight up harrassed.

Meanwhile, the courts who ordered the IRS to release documents pertaining to a criminal investigation into the matter have received nothing-The IRS thumbed its collective nose at them.

The idea that Koskinen still has a job is laughable on one hand.

That should have been one of the first people Trump replaced based on the performance of the IRS over the last few years. Get Obama loyalists out of the government.
But it’s actually not the biggest issue.

The biggest issue is the idea that the IRS is still an entity at all.

This part of the government should never have come into existence.

There is no provision for it within the US constitution and there is strong evidence that the 16th amendment was ratified incorrectly by the States.

Additionally, it has shown itself to be available to be used as a weapons against common Americans.

So Koskinen should be out of a job and Trump should take a page out of Ted Cruz’s playbook and Abolish the IRS.