trump-hillaryDemocrats and Republicans headed to the polls on Super Tuesday and delivered decisive victories for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump emerged victorious in seven contests and now sits at 285 delegates, holding a commanding lead in the race to win the 1,237 delegates to clinch the Republican nomination.

Trump has won sizeable victories in states across the country.

He continued his dominance in the Northeast by blowing out the competition in Massachusetts with 49% of the vote and defeating John Kasich – who campaigned heavily in the state – and in Vermont.

In the so-called “SEC Primary” Trump won four of the six contests.

Trump smashed the field in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee.

And in a hotly contested fight with the establishment’s hand-picked candidate Marco Rubio, Trump won the state of Virginia – despite the entire political class lining up behind Rubio.

Ted Cruz also had a strong showing on Super Tuesday, winning three contests.

Cruz easily won his home state of Texas and won narrow victories over Donald Trump in the Oklahoma primary and Alaska caucus.

Establishment favorite Marco Rubio – who had yet to win a contest – finally placed in the winner’s circle by topping the field in the Minnesota caucus.

However Rubio’s overall night was littered with disappointment as he continually finished in third place in nine of the eleven contests and won only 71 delegates on Super Tuesday, giving him a total of 87 which is almost 200 less than Donald Trump and just half of Ted Cruz’s total.

But given Rubio’s strong support for amnesty and backing of the donor class, Rubio will limp along in the campaign or at least until his home state of Florida votes on March 15.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has virtually crushed the candidacy of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hillary followed up her smashing victory in South Carolina by lapping Bernie Sanders in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Bernie Sanders won contests in Colorado, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

In what was a crippling blow for the Sanders campaign, Hillary won the primary in Massachusetts despite entering as an underdog.

Sanders expected to do well there and build on his massive victory in neighboring New Hampshire.

As the results poured in, both Hillary and Trump turned their fire on each other as the general election began to crystallize.

Trump blasted the former Secretary of State for her failed tenure as our nation’s chief diplomat.

The Republican front-runner also took Clinton to task for her false concern for the middle class.

Trump declared there was no way Hillary could claim to address the stagnant economy and falling wages when she sat right beside Barack Obama as his socialist economic policies grinded our economy to a standstill.

Assuming the posture of the presumptive nominee, Trump warned Clinton that her record would receive harsh scrutiny and he would aggressively prosecute the case against her career of failure and why it disqualifies her from becoming President.