pipelineA new University of Texas energy poll of American’s views on a wide range of energy and environmental issues found some stunning results on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project.

Environmentalists have spent millions of dollars on a scare campaign to convince Americans that the oil pipeline will cause massive global warming. Or climate change. Or climate “weirding.” Or whatever they plan to call it next week.

Even the White House has gone all in on the “Keystone will fry the planet” campaign.

“We’ve got to measure [the pipeline’s benefit] against whether or not it’s going to contribute to an overall warming of the planet — which could be disastrous,” Obama told the Comedy Central comic program The Colbert Report.

The poll shows the effect of this massive campaign and it will shock you.

The poll found 42 percent of Americans had some familiarity with the Keystone XL project.

Of the 42 percent who knew at least something about Keystone, only 21 percent oppose the project. That works out to 8.82 percent of Americans.

Of those who knew at least something about Keystone, and opposed it, only six percent oppose it because they fear it will impact the global climate. Even among Democrats the number is just seven percent.

So what’s 6 percent of the 21 percent of the 42 percent?

0.52 percent.

Not 52 percent, as the media would have you believe.

Zero. Point. Five. Two.

Misinformed, green and liberal is no way to go through life.

If that decimal point were any further to the left it would be Bernie Sanders’ running mate.

After millions of dollars spent selling phony environmentalist claims, only 0.52 percent of Americans have looked at the Keystone project and thought it would hurt the climate.

With more information, and science, at the average Americans hands, environmentalists are losing the battle for public opinion.

And the polls are showing it.