trump-sadWhen Donald Trump entered the Presidential race, he staked his campaign on smashing the establishment’s consensus to support amnesty.  And since then, they have been pulling their hair out as Trump rises in the polls.

Now, after Super Tuesday, Trump has won 10 contests and holds nearly a quarter of the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination.  In response, the GOP establishment is hatching a two-step plan to steal the nomination from Trump – even if he wins the majority of delegates.

Previously, American Patriot Daily reported that Trump’s rise is the RNC’s worst nightmare.

And now the donor class has been called to action.

Big money donors, former Ebay CEO Meg Whitman and New York hedge-fund billionaire Paul Singer – both champions for granting amnesty to illegal aliens – held a conference encouraging the donor class to support the anti-Trump Super PAC run by a former Mitt Romney aide.

Business Insider reports:

“The focus of the Our Principles conference call, which had about 50 participants, was on how to stop Trump, rather than rallying behind one candidate, according to The Times.

The PAC is reportedly planning a “full-fledged campaign” against Trump, The Times reported. The PAC has formed an opposition-research wing and hired Tim Miller, the former communications director for past presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.”

Pro-amnesty Singer has endorsed Marco Rubio and Whitman previously supported Chris Christie.

The Our Principles PAC hiring of former Jeb Bush communications director proves that the establishment is circling their wagons in a final effort to band together and stop Trump’s march to the nomination.

Tens of millions of establishment dollars will be poured into this Super PAC to stop Trump in the winner-takes-all state of Florida.

Trump currently leads Senator Marco Rubio by nearly 20 points in Florida which votes on March 15, and the winner will receive all of Florida’s 99 convention delegates.

The goal of this Super PAC is not necessarily to defeat Trump in the primaries, but to hold him just below the threshold of winning the Republican nomination.  Then, the establishment will rob it from him at the Republican National Convention.

You see, if the establishment were to defeat Trump in Florida, it wouldn’t be enough to swing the nomination in Rubio’s favor, though it could make it impossible for Trump to secure the necessary number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination outright.

In order to secure the Republican nomination, a candidate needs to win 1,237 delegates.

Should Trump enter the RNC with the majority of the delegates – but not the magic number of 1,237 –  his delegates are only bound to vote for him on the first ballot.

The establishment is working overtime studying-up on how the delegates are selected to the convention. They hope to stack the hall with anti-Trump delegates who will bolt after the first ballot and steal the nomination instead for their hand-picked candidate.

By stacking the convention with anti-Trump delegates, the establishment could also change all the rules of the convention to either unbind the delegates before they vote or even alter the rules on whose name can be placed into nomination.

Currently a candidate must control the majority of delegates in eight states.

It is unlikely the establishment’s favorite Marco Rubio will meet that goal, but if an anti-Trump storm forces the rules and credentials committee, it can be changed to allow Rubio to win the nomination despite entering the convention third in the delegate count.

By now it’s clear that the establishment would rather destroy the GOP than allow Trump and his anti-establishment, anti-amnesty movement to win the nomination.

The will of the voters is secondary to the establishment’s unyielding desire to maintain its grip on power, and control the GOP agenda.

The next few months will demonstrate whether the Republican Party is controlled by the grassroots or a cabal of big money donors.