Trump’s been right all along, CNN really is the king of fake news.

This week one of their lead anchors, Jim Sciutoo, was proven to be a purveyor of lies when 2 of his stories were exposed as onerous bits of fake news.

Of course, what would you expect from someone who was a leading member of Obama’s national security correspondents?

In a completely embarrassing moment of exposure, Sciutto was shown to be pedalling two false stories about President trump.

The first involved an accusation Sciutto made about trump not consulting with Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats before he took away John Brennan’s security clearance.

Obviously, if Trump had done that, it would have made him look like slightly vindictive in his targeting of Brennan. Not that Trump wouldn’t have the authority to do this anyways, but leaving out this crucial detail makes Trump look like he’s irrational in his decision making.

On his Twitter account, Sciutto wrote the following: “Breaking: DNI Coats – the nation’s senior-most Intelligence official – was NOT consulted on Trump decision to revoke Fmr CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance.”

But, as you may have guessed, Trump made sure to go through Coats before he rescinded Brennan’s security access.

Here’s the proof he did.

And even though proof exists, Sciutto hasn’t changed his tweet (at least not at the time of this publication.

Then, there was another attempt to make Trump look bad.

As Breitbart News writes:

A second Sciutto attempt to mislead the public that was debunked this week also remains un-corrected, even though it was debunked, not only by the horse’s mouthpiece, but on the airwaves of Scuitto’s own last-place cable channel.

Led by Sciutto, on July 27, it took a total of three CNN activists to manufacture a fairytale that claimed Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, knew that Trump was aware in advance of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr.

In other words, Trump not only lied about not knowing of the meeting with these Democrat-connected Russians, but Trump’s advanced knowledge could mean he approved of the meeting — therefore collusion, therefore impeachment, therefore Obama returns to the Oval Office on the wings of a unicorn.

There is just one problem with Scuitto and company’s reporting — none of it is true; and none of it is true according to Cohen’s own mouthpiece Lanny Davis, who debunked Sciutto’s fake news during a Wednesday night appearance with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Davis tried to walk back Sciutto’s attempts at smearing the President, but it would be obvious to anyone with half a brain that Davis is covering something up.

In an exchange between David and Cooper, you can plainly see Davis is covering something up and being diplomatic in the process:

LANNY DAVIS: Well, I think, uhm, the reporting of this story got mixed up. In the course of a criminal investigation we were not the source of this story. In the course of a criminal investigation, the advice we were given — those of us dealing with the media is that we could not do anything other than stay silent.
ANDERSON COOPER: So Michael Cohen does not have information that President Trump knew about the meeting with the Russians either beforehand or immediately after?
DAVIS: No, he does not.

With this out in the open, one has to wonder how Trump has more irrefutable proof that CNN really is the kind of Fake News.

Tell us what you think about Sciutto’s obvious attempts at attempting to manipulate public opinion against Trump and being proved a liar in the process.