It’s not often you get a glimpse of how Democrats respond to the almighty Obama. Usually, the legions are in lock step with the ex-President. That’s how they managed to shove Obamacare down the throats of American citizens.

That’s how they managed to put Hillary Clinton together as the candidate of choice following Obama.

But some recently released, private emails paints Obama in a different light. And it’s glorious to see the libs falling apart at the seams.

Even though Obama left the presidency a month ago, he hasn’t left the political stage. He’s trying to run a shadow government in DC. He’s still well connected and as president of the Organization for Action, he has a network of 30,000 volunteers across the United States that will do his bidding!

And he just insisted they start arming themselves.

For what?

To protect a legacy that Obama created and the rest of America hates. And even some Dems are now enraged.

When former President Obama issued a call to arms to his OFA troops in order to protect his legacy, particularly Obamacare, Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, wrote in a private email to fellow party leaders, “This is some GRADE A Bulls–t right here.”

He added, “It also to me seems TONE DEAF—we have lost over 1,000 seats in the past 8 years … all because of this crap.”

Handwerk was not the only one who was pissed about it. Other democrats tried to make it about just the OFA and even more just call it as it is.

“[With] all due respect to President Obama, OFA was created as a shadow party because Obama operatives had no faith in state parties. So I hope the OFA role is none. I hope OFA closes their doors and allows the country and state parties to get to the hard work of rebuilding the party at the local and grass-roots level,” Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb told Politico.

If Obama manages to wield the OFA like he wants to, America is in big trouble. Obama’s volunteers will be continuing to pull Americans down and not let it heal. He will use them to disrupt the political process, infuse hate, and continue to cause trouble for President Trump. President Trump has dealt enough with Obama’s destructive policies from when Obama was in office. The country spoke and kicked him out. He should not have control of a shadow government now.