Robert Mueller spent months laying in the weeds.

The special counsel went dark during the fall because of the midterm election.

But now he’s about to launch his end game to impeach Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller Goes Dark In The Run Up To The Election

Robert Mueller observed Justice Department protocol and did not take any action during the 60 day window before the midterm election.

However, critics believe it wasn’t because he intended to clear the President or stop working.

To the contrary, Mueller continued to haul Roger Stone associates before the grand jury to try and frame Stone for colluding with WikiLeaks on the release of hacked emails obtained from the Democrats.

Critics believe Mueller went dark to avoid accusations of election meddling.

Mueller knows his job is not to tell the truth about what happened in 2016.

His task is not to lay out the facts and then go away.

Mueller’s job is to fabricate a case for Congress to impeach Donald Trump.

Mueller needed to maintain whatever shred of credibility his rigged witch hunt had left, so he avoided looking like he wanted to tip the election to the Democrats.

But now that the midterms are almost in the rearview mirror, Mueller can throw caution to the wind.

Robert Mueller’s Likely Targets

Robert Mueller is going after long-time Trump friend Roger Stone.

Stone made predictions about WikiLeaks releasing damaging information about Hillary Clinton multiple times in 2016.

Democrats and so-called “journalists” took this as evidence that he had advanced knowledge of the email hacks.

But Stone says he merely pieced together publically available information.

In fact, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange made multiple public statements about releasing emails that would ruin Hillary Clinton.

Assange also publicly denied any communication with Roger Stone.

The Washington Post reported Assange’s attorney saying they never met in 2016:

Through his attorney, Assange — who has been living in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London since 2012 — told The Post in January that he did not meet Stone in spring 2016. His attorney was unable to reach Assange on Monday evening for further comment.

WikiLeaks also tweeted:

WikiLeaks & Assange have repeatedly confirmed that they have never communicated with Stone. Why did CNN not include this fact?

What Mueller is trying to prove is that Stone lied to Congress.

Stone testified to the House Intelligence Committee that New York City radio host Randy Credico was his “backchannel” to WikiLeaks.

Credico denied this under oath to Mueller’s grand jury.

But two Stone associates showed the Washington Post text messages where Credico admitted to being Roger Stone’s source.

Mueller May Also Be Targeting Donald Trump, Jr.

Trump, Jr. testified he did not speak with his father after the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians who were promising dirt on Hillary.

But they did not have any dirt.

The Russians wanted to lobby the Trump campaign on repealing sanctions on Russian adoption.

Nothing came of the meeting, but Mueller could threaten to frame Donald Trump, Jr. in order to provoke a confrontation that could lead to Congress impeaching the President.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.