Paul Ryan has never been on board with Donald Trump or his agenda.

On his way out the door from Congress, Ryan is working behind the scenes on a massive betrayal of the President.

And his backstabbing maneuver is about to make impeaching the President a real possibility.

Ryan has done nothing to shut down efforts by pro-open borders Republicans from joining Democrats on a discharge petition to force a vote on an amnesty bill.

If 25 Republicans sign the petition, then Nancy Pelosi effectively becomes Speaker of the House and an amnesty bill the Democrats favor will get a vote.

Instead of shutting down this scheme by threatening to withhold fundraising support or committee assignments, Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to appease these seditious Republicans.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated in an interview that Ryan’s leadership team is working on a compromise bill that will allow pro-illegal alien Republicans to vote for amnesty for the so-called “DACA” recipients.

McCarthy told Fox News:

We have been in the room, working together, conservatives, moderates, and others to be able to put an immigration plan together that protects our borders, secures our borders, ends catch-and-release, and deals with the DACA situation. I think we are very close to having an agreement that I think could go on to the floor, have the Republicans — and put the Democrats in a place to see if they are really serious about getting immigration reform.”

But Donald Trump rampaged through 16 other Republicans and defeated Hillary Clinton all on the strength of his pledge to crack down on illegal immigration.

When Trump ended Barack Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty program, supporters cheered the President for keeping his word.

Trump following through on his pledge to deport illegal aliens and secure the border is one reason his political standing – and by extension, that of the GOP – has improved ahead of the midterms.

Real Clear Politics election forecaster Sean Trende appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the changing midterm landscape and declared the contest was not a dead-heat.

Trende told host Griff Jenkins,

Well, I think if you looked six months ago, you would say it was doomsday for the Republicans with the Republican down in the 30s, showing a double-digit lead for Democrats. But that’s just not the world we’re in today. The president is up into the low to mid 40s, and his job approval, the generic ballot has closed to a four-point lead for the Democrats, so I think we’ve gone from Democrats being heavy favorites to take the House to something of a dead heat and maybe a thumb on the scale for the Republicans…

But Ryan and his lieutenants are threatening to throw that all way with a clever plan to allow a vote on amnesty.

Nothing will suck the life out of the recent rise in Republican voter enthusiasm quicker than if it appears the establishment is working behind Trump’s back to pass amnesty at any cost.

And if the GOP base feels the establishment sold them out on the core issue that delivered Trump into the White House, Republican voters will stay home in November.

If that happens, Democrats will win back the House and maybe even seize a majority in the Senate.

A Democrat majority will move to impeach the President.

Their liberal base will demand their leaders pull out all the stops to remove Trump.

Pundits believe Pelosi and Schumer will follow through.

And this nightmare scenario will only have been made possible because Paul Ryan refused to stand shoulder to shoulder with the President on the issue that won the 2016 election.