imagesTaliban Five now free to resume terrorist activities under Obama’s terms

The five high-level Taliban terrorists released by Barack Obama in exchange for accused U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl will soon be free to resume terrorist attacks on Americans.

Obama sent the five, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Khirullah Khairkhwa, Mohammad Nabi Omari, Mohammad A Fazl and Mullah Norullah Noori, to Qatar. THey promised not to leave the country for one year.

That year has passed, and they are now free under Obama’s deal to rejoin their Taliban comrades and resume attacks on U.S. troops, and Americans worldwide.

“In Congress, we spent a lot of time debating whether the Qataris were going to adequately keep an eye on them in the course of the 12 months,” Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence committee, tells the Daily Mail.

“My point all along was that I’m more worried about month No. 13 than the first 12,” said Schiff, referring to the date when they are no longer bound by their agreement with Obama.

At least one of the freed terrorists communicated with Taliban terrorists in the last year.

And members of the al-Qaida-affiliated Haqqani militant group traveled to Qatar to meet with them earlier in the year, the Mail reports.

The Haqqani may have traveled to Qatar to thank the Five for a huge Obama-approved terrorist payday.

The Haqqani network is the terrorist group that held Bergdahl. They do not release their captives without first taking a lucrative ransom.

The odds that the Haqqani would simply let Bergdahl go because it benefits the Taliban are slim. Haqqani are often at odds with the Taliban over operations in Afghanistan. While the Taliban are terrorists motivated by religion, the Haqqani are terrorists motivated largely by the money they make off kidnapping and ransom.

The Obama administration is dodging questions as to whether they approved the release of the five Taliban terrorists, with the understanding the Taliban would in return pay to the Haqqani a ransom for Bergdahl’s release.

If that was the agreement, which is likely, then the Obama administration violated U.S. policy and helped finance Haqqani terrorist activities.

With the one-year travel ban expired, here’s how the deal stands:

The Taliban get five high-level operatives, who are not just free to resume terrorist attacks on the U.S., they also get to claim a victory over the United States, securing the release of five commanders without giving anything publicly in return.

The Haqqanis likely got a massive financial payoff in exchange for releasing Bergdahl, which funds more terrorist attacks.

The United States has an alleged Taliban sympathizer who will soon stand trial for deserting the Army, leading to the deaths of several American soldiers.

Good deal, Obama. And with Obama’s “don’t attack us for one year” promise expired, it could get a whole lot worse.