Hassan-Rouhani2The Obama Administration is ready to award terrorists again – this time with a $50 billion signing bonus.

There’s no limit to how far Obama will go to appease America’s enemies, even if it means potentially compromising the safety and security of America.

In his most recent political stunt, President Obama sent  shockwaves across the country when he agreed to consider awarding Iran a $50 billion signing bonus simply for promising to “stop” enriching uranium.

The State Department is behind this latest negotiation tactic, but in typical fashion has so far refused to address the issue at hand.

An unclassified report from the Pentagon shows Iran already spends $100 to $200 million a year funding Hezbollah and Hamas with financial backing.

But it gets worse.

The Pentagon report also pointed out Iran deliberately undercuts U.S. interests by strategically providing operational leadership to militias and terrorist groups whose goal is to target U.S. Forces in Iraq.

Obama is setting a dangerous foreign policy precedent which directly conflicts with The United States of America’s long-term history of refusing to negotiate with terrorists.

Foreign policy experts are shaking their heads at how the State Department can possibly think this is a smart idea for America.

When confronted by reporters, State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf refused to directly answer the question on whether the U.S. would award the $50 billion to Iran right away.

The Free Beacon Journal Reports

Jonathan Schanzer, a top terrorism-funding expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), said such a cash release to Iran would enable the regime to continue backing various terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

“This could be the largest cash infusion to a state sponsor of terrorism in modern history,” Schanzer said.

Reports of this “signing bonus” come following concessions to Iran – which range from sanctions relief to continued nuclear work at military sites – during the most recent round of negotiations in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Lawmakers and experts critical of the Obama administration’s diplomacy with Iran have warned that a slew of recent concessions in the talks would enable Iran to continue many aspects of its nuclear program.

Nuclear experts such as David Albright, founder of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), have warned that premature sanctions relief could gut the tough inspections and oversight regime on Iran promised by the Obama administration.

Under the framework agreement, Iran also would be permitted to store around 1,000 advanced nuclear centrifuges at an underground and fortified one-time military site known as Fordow, according to the Associated Press.

By keeping Fordow active, Iran would potentially be able to produce weapons-grade material in just a few weeks, according to Albright.

Obama is willing to award Iran with a $50 billion bonus simply for Iran verbally agreeing to stop enriching uranium – with no strings attached.

You see, there is no knowledge of enforcement, and as the Free Beacon mentioned, Iran will still be able to store nuclear centrifuges underground.

Sounds like a one sided deal, with America on the losing end.

In fact, the Obama administration continues to damage the reputation of America around the world by appearing weak and willing to negotiate with terrorists.

America needs a leader who is serious about protecting American interests and one who is not afraid to stand up and shout, “no deal” to those who wish to do America harm.