MBK1With an eye on life after the presidency, Barack Obama has launched “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance,” a charitable foundation aimed at helping young black men find the jobs Obama’s policies have destroyed.

He made the announcement in a speech blaming the rioting in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore on black unemployment, which is at record levels under Obama.

“The new organization, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, is an outgrowth of Obama’s year-old My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which has focused on federal government policies and grants designed to increase access to education and jobs,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

“Folks living in those communities, and especially young people living in those communities, could use some help to change those odds,” Obama said.

“This will remain a mission for me and for Michelle not just for the rest of my presidency but for the rest of my life,” added Obama.

But who stacked the odds against them?

National Review’s Deroy Murdock looked into the numbers.

Under Obama, the percentage of black teenagers in the civilian labor force has plunged, from 29.6 percent at the start of the Obama administration to 25.7 percent as of April 2015.

When Obama took office 25.8 percent of black individuals that lived in poverty rose. Under Obama that figure has risen to 27.2 percent as of 2013.

When Obama took office 7.4 million of them were on food stamps. Under Obama that number has skyrocketed to 12.2 million in 2013.

Black home ownership under Obama has plunged faster than overall home ownership. While home ownership among all Americans slipped from 67.3 in the first quarter of 2009 to 64.0 in the fourth quarter of 2014, black home ownership plunged much faster, from 46.1 to 42.1 percent.

Young black men are especially worse off because of Obama’s policies of redistribution.

Citing the anti-police riots in Baltimore, Obama also revealed the Alliance will also tackle the issue of police violence.

That announcement comes on the same day it reported the Obama administration killed a program in Baltimore that was improving relations between the police and the black community.

If Obama really wanted to help young black men, he’d resign.