arneduncanUnder Barack Obama the Department of Education isn’t raising test score, but it is raising eyebrows.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan told an anti-violence conference that he consults with violent gangbangers when developing economic programs.

“We have to have jobs for young people. I probably shouldn’t say this in a room like this, but occasionally when I go home I’ll sit down with some of the gang leaders – back home in Chicago,” Duncan told the National Summit on Youth Violence Prevention.

Hear that kids? If you choose a life of violent street crime you’ll end up directing White House policy.

The FBI and Chicago police report there has been a 25 percent increase in gang activity across Chicago since Obama took office, giving the White House a large body of advisers.

Hey, if you’re going to base your economic agenda on forced redistribution, go to the experts.

At least the Obama White House “Gun Cabinet” allows large numbers of Americans to direct White House policy. CBS News reports there are 600 violent street gangs in Chicago, with 70,000 members.

Predictably, under the Obama/street gang economic plan a record number of working-age Americans cannot find work.

Even worse, black youth unemployment, the specific issue Duncan meets with street gangs to address, was 27.5 percent in April 2015.

That’s almost double the 14.4 percent unemployment rate for white youth.

The civilian labor participation rate for black youth of 27.2 percent was also 9.7 percent lower than the civilian labor participation rate for white youth of 36.9 percent.

Obama’s “Gun Cabinet” approach is even worse than the data shows. Unemployment rates have been artificially lowered under Obama by reducing the number of eligible workers from which the rates are calculated.

The street gang members are also falling down on the job.

Chicago street gang members commit 300-400 murders a year using their own guns, while Mexican drug lords have committed 300-400 murders with high-end weapons sold to them by Obama administration officials.

Come on, Arne. Do your advisers a solid.