rusty hicksNew scam run by pols, unions forces businesses to hire their backers

After successfully lobbying the Los Angeles City Council to adopt a $15 minimum wage for any business located in the city, LA union bosses are now lobbying to exempt themselves and allow union members to be paid less than minimum wage.

The move could mean millions of dollars in government-procured cash transferred from job creators to union bosses and liberal politicians.

“For much of the past eight months, labor activists have argued against special considerations for business owners, such as restaurateurs, who said they would have trouble complying with the mandated pay increase,” The Los Angeles Times reports.

“But Rusty Hicks, who heads the county Federation of Labor and helps lead the Raise the Wage coalition, said Tuesday night that companies with workers represented by unions should have leeway to negotiate a wage below that mandated by the law,” the Times reports.

The move would mean many companies could only stay in business if they agree to hire union members.

In California union bosses can force a business owner to fire you or prevent you from being hired if you refuse to join their union.

That would reverse declining membership numbers, which means more forced dues pouring into union coffers.

And that means more money flowing into the campaign accounts of liberal politicians.

“Once again, the soaring rhetoric of helping the working poor is just a cover for city government acting as a tool of organized labor,” says Ruben Gonzalez, senior vice president for public policy and political affairs with the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

In other words, union bosses will make lavish profits off the law, and entry-level workers will lose their jobs and employers will be forced out of business.

A handsome chunk of that cash will also find its way into the campaign accounts of pro-wage hike politicians through direct union contributions and indirect union support through voter drives and get-out-the-vote campaigns.

L.A.’s new minimum wage hike that exempts union members creates a self-perpetuating cycle to feed a growing machine of union bosses and their political cronies.

By artificially increasing the costs of non-union labor, politicians force employers to hire union members. Those unionized paychecks are skimmed off the top for union dues. Those union dues are used to elect politicians who will increase the costs of non-union labor.

The cycle continues until the union bosses and politicians have completely devastated the city’s economy, leaving working families in poverty and the liberal political machine sitting on mountains of political cash.

So get ready Los Angeles. Thanks to your new partnership with union bosses, Detroit is coming to you.