Large_Goodwell_4025The tragic deaths of seven people in an Amtrak train crash were the perfect opportunity for members of the mainstream media to speak out on the dangers posed by…Republicans.

While rescuers searched for victims, national media reporters searched for a political advantage.The Washington Post stampeded over facts and common decency to imply the crash was caused by Republicans in Congress, with reporter Phillip Bump trumpeting that the crash could shame Republicans into spending more money.

“Congress has delayed passing legislation to fund Amtrak since 2013. The last time it did so, in 2008, the vote passed only after a rail disaster. Which, of course, happened again Tuesday night,” clucked Bump.
Bump ignored the fact that Democrats controlled Congress between 2008 and 2010.

Despite the fact that there is no evidence that the derailment was caused by insufficient funding, he continued to blame GOP spending beliefs for the crash.

“Ride the train from Pennsylvania to Colorado some time and tell me how elitist it is,” Bump posted on Twitter.

The latest GOP budget signed by Barack Obama spent $1.4 billion to subsidize Amtrak’s 25 million annual passengers, or $60 in tax spending per ticket.

MSNBC’s notoriously noxious Alex Wagner went even further, suggesting the six victims died because Republicans don’t represent them.

“There are 184 congressional districts in which not one person got on or off a train in 2014. 116 are currently represented by Republicans,” a smug Wagner tweeted.

Even hours after it was revealed the train may have been traveling over 100 miles per hour on a curve with a speed limit of 50 miles per hour, leftists continued their subhuman campaign of blaming deaths on their political opponents and agitating for more government spending.

But the fact (besides the reality the crash was caused by speeding) is Amtrak doesn’t need welfare dollars.

A Cato Institute study of Amtrak passangers, cited by Breitbart’s John Nolte, finds:

“Amtrak’s typical riders are not low-income Americans. The poor are less likely to travel by Amtrak than by most other travel options. Only 13 percent of Amtrak passengers have incomes below $20,000.”

The average Amtrak rider has a higher household income than the average taxpayer. In fact, the clientele for Amtrak Metroliner service between Washington and New York consists largely of Wall Street traders, K Street lobbyists and other affluent business travelers. These folks aren’t poor,” continued Nolte.

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