hillary_clinton uglyAfter running a miserable campaign, dodging accusations about her email servers, and finally being beaten by Trump, it seemed clear that Hillary wasn’t what the country wanted. But then she tried to get a second wind…

Green Party Representative Jill Stein wanted to challenge the vote, saying Russia hacked it. So Hillary got on board with that. That went all the way to President Obama, who responded to the Russian “hacks” by deporting Russian dipolmats and going toe-to-toe with Putin.

There was no proof, so the Russian hacking scandal faded.

And it seems like the hydra that is Hillary Clinton will finally get chopped down and won’t regrow, according to Neera Tanden.

Rumors that Hillary Clinton might run for mayor of New York later this year were quickly shot down by Neera Tanden, Clinton ally and the president and CEO of the Center for American Progress. On CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper, Tanden said, “I don’t expect her to ever run for any elected office again.”

Leading up to the elections, liberals were saying that Americans were rejecting Hillary because she was a woman….

But that’s not it at all.

Most people who know the history with the Clintons were rejecting her because she was business as usual inside the Beltway.

She and her husband also supported ideas that are very unAmerican. She wanted to get rid of gun rights for the average American, but not for the elite. She praised Planned Parenthood and wanted women across the country to have the right to murder their unborn children.

She and President Obama (and Bill Clinton back in the day) are in favor of open borders, which have shown themselves to be a disaster.  Hundreds of thousands of illegals have come through and taken American jobs.

And then there was the elitism the Clintons lorded over others. They saw themselves as different and didn’ think they had to play by the same rules as anyone else. They broke the law repeatedly and were not punished for it. The email scandal proved this, as others in positions of less power were severely punished.

Then there were all the revelations from the recent Wikileaks.

The Wikileaks releases  showed Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were a power-hungry couple. They did what was best for them and not for the country.

This included taking money from countries that supported ISIS, laundering money through The Clinton Foundation, supporting regime change that would benefit them, having pay-to-play engagements with other countries, and a host of other scandals.

The average American would have been imprisoned in a heartbeat.

Hillary Clinton continued running for President.

So the fact that her political reign is over is one thing. She should be in a jail for another.