Anthony Weiner, the disgusting slimeball who once was in congress and was formerly married to Hillary Clinton’s personal aid Huma Abedin might be doing something you don’t like…

He might be getting out of jail early.

Though he was sentenced to 21 months for sending disturbing text messages to an underage girl he might be getting out early.

You know, for “good behavior” and all.

Apparently the deviant who’s been busted several times for his disturbing behavior has been such a good inmate while serving time in the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts that he may be released to the public where he’s certain to offend again.

This is a full 3 months earlier than his original release date.

Keep in mind he’s only serving a 21 month sentence…

Despite the fact the judge knew he had a predilection for doing this kind of thing.

As Fox News writes:

“Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 after photos he had sent of his body to women online were revealed. He attempted a political comeback in 2013 in a run for mayor but was soon derailed after new revelations about his sexual text messages were unveiled, this time under the pseudonym “Carlos Danger.”


He was sentenced in September 2017 after he admitted to sending the messages to a high school-aged girl, even though he knew she was under 18.”