unemploymentFederal government admits loss of full-time jobs as Obamacare kicks in

Obamacare’s employer mandate doesn’t fully become law until January 2016, but the job losses have already begun, Independent Journals Review’s Katrina Jorgensen reports.

A report from Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a rise in the number of Americans working under 30 hours a week and a drop in the number working more than that since mid-2013.

“If you ask any employer in America and ask them whether Obamacare has made it harder for them to hire employees, they’ll tell you yes. Because it’s a fact,” House Speaker John Boehner tells NBC’s Meet The Press.

Employers with over 100 full-time workers had to comply with Obamacare starting in January 2015. Employers with 50 to 100 full-time workers must comply beginning in January 2016.

In order to stay afloat amid the rising costs of healthcare under Obamacare, employers are cutting jobs and hours to stay under the law’s thresholds.

Even liberals are admitting Obamacare is taking a toll on working families.

Obamacare “has led some employers to limit the hours of workers who were already part-time, effectively giving a pay cut to some of the most vulnerable Americans,” FiveThirtyEight reports, an economic website run by liberal political analyst Nate Silver.

“The 2010 health law requires large employers to offer health insurance to anyone working full-time, which the law defines as 30 hours a week,” FiveThirtyEight reports. “Republicans argue that’s leading companies to cut workers’ hours in order to stay under the threshold.”

Congress attempted to fix the problem by expanding the definition of “full-time” to forty hours a week, giving workers protection.

Obama vows to veto the fix should it come to his desk.

The Obamacare job losses come as the economy struggles to recover.

With Obamacare’s massive price hikes and job-killing regulations weighing down employers, the economic recovery has been the slowest in 50 years.

Economist Stephen Moore finds that if the economy “had the same pace of improvement since June 2009 when the recession ended as in an average recovery, national output and incomes would be more than $1 trillion larger today. In other words, we would have about $10,000 more income per family than we do.”

Those having their jobs cut tend to be low-wage workers. With Obamacare and minimum wage hikes eliminating entry-level jobs, Obama’s policies are setting into place a vicious cycle of long-term unemployment and welfare dependency.

That’s sparking unsustainable growth in welfare entitlements. Spending on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare is projected to grow by about 200 percent in just the next ten years, according to government reports that have a history of understating the real rise.

With Obamacare set to inject another dose of poison into our economy Americans should brace for a possible double-dip recession.