Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the liberal wunderkind the entire Democrat party has seemingly fallen in love with.

She’s brash; she’s young, she’s hip.

And she’s all about Free stuff for everyone. Her fanbase of uneducated supporters thinks she’s God’s gift to the nation.

And it’s all because she cares so deeply about the environment, and getting money out of politics.

The only problem?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doesn’t have a clue how economics works, and the Green Deal she proposed some weeks ago proved it.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Green Deal Was Doomed From the Start

The simple truth was the New Green Deal was doomed from the start.

Not only was the price tag enormous at close to 93 trillion dollars, the scope of the New Green Deal was untenable. Cortez dreamed it would help to reduce greenhouse emissions to a net-zero emissions rating in 10 years. She expected that would happen by eliminating most forms of transportation relying on fossil fuels.

Also, she believed the New Green Deal would also help to create an untold number of new, high-paying jobs. She never said where they’d come from… just that they would happen.

Furthermore, the scope of the project to help boost family farming and transition away from air travel didn’t even make sense.

This is why it received no support from Republicans and not that much support from Democratic Senators.

At the end of the day, the ludicrousness of the New Green Deal and all it promised is why it was blocked from going anywhere in a vote by the U.S. Senate.

In a resounding vote, the GOP held Senate voted 0-57 to prevent the resolution from moving forward.

43 Democrats in the Senate didn’t vote for or against the measure, simply voting “present” to acknowledge that they were there but not taking a formal position on the measure, and 3 actually voted against it.

The Threat of Socialism Grows

The truth is the fact that the measure made it to the Senate for a vote bodes ill for the nation.

This is why Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell railed against the proposal.

“The American people will see, they will see which of their senators can do the common sense thing and vote no on this destructive socialist daydream. And they will see which senators are so fully committed to radical left-wing ideology that they can’t even vote no on self-inflicted economic ruin.”

The Democrats contend that the vote was a sham since the vote was held on a measure that had never received a hearing.

Co-author of the bill Ed Markey said “They are calling a vote without hearings, without expert testimony, without any true discussion of the costs of climate inaction and the massive potential for clean energy job creation in our country. And that is because Sen. McConnell wants to sabotage the call for climate action.”

And Charles Schumer said Republicans were making “a mockery of the legislative process” by bringing the Green New Deal resolution up for a vote just to have the Senate vote it down.

“Republicans want to force this political stunt to distract from the fact that they neither have a plan nor a sense of urgency to deal with the threat of climate change. … It’s a political act. It’s a political stunt,” he said.

At the end of the day, the fact such a calamitous bill was prevented from going anywhere should be seen as a victory as the nation is on a slow, creeping path towards socialism that could ruin the country in the future.