ravelObama’s FEC chair says her job is to silence Americans who question president

The Obama administration has weaponized the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and is using it to silence conservatives, a former FEC chairman warns.

“For over a year, FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel has traveled around the country campaigning against the very agency she now chairs,” writes former FEC Chairman Lee Goodman in POLITICO.

“Last week, barely four months into her chairmanship, Commissioner Ravel renewed her criticism and focused it squarely on my two Republican colleagues, Commissioners Matt Petersen and Caroline Hunter, and me,” says Goodman.

“Commissioner Ravel has chosen to label the agency ‘dysfunctional’ and vilify her Republican colleagues by focusing principally on four matters in which her legal position did not prevail. These cases involved allegations that four conservative organizations failed to disclose their donors as political committees (the so-called “dark money” debate),” says Goodman.

Ravel is also demanding the power to defy federal law and shut down conservative YouTube videos. Ravel argued the FEC should ignore the law and silence conservatives because the law “doesn’t make sense.”

Goodman commented, “Similarly, Commissioner Ravel and two colleagues also voted to enforce the law against a group that posted political videos on YouTube.com for free, while three Republicans voted to protect Internet freedom under a regulation adopted in 2006.”

“Commissioner Ravel explained her vote in a solo statement that she would not abide by the 2006 regulation because it no longer makes sense and sharply criticized the Republicans for adhering to the rule. So much for enforcing the law as written,” says Goodman.

Ravel has also campaigned across the country to outlaw grassroots organizations that talk about political issues without turning over to the government a list of their members.

In her attacks, Ravel only wants to outlaw conservative groups like Crossroads GPS and American Action Network.

Liberal “dark money” groups like Planned Parenthood, the Services Employees International Union and the Sierra Club are not being targeted by Ravel’s campaign of terror.

That kind of funding accounts for only one percent of political spending.

Under Ravel’s direction the FEC would ignore the Supreme Court’s 1958 ruling in NAACP v. Alabama.

In that case Alabama officials wanted to shut down the NAACP and stop their efforts to integrate the state.

As they are doing now, KKK-affiliated Democrats passed legislation banning organizations from engaging in political activity unless they turned over to official a list of their members.

The Court threw out that law, ruling that Americans have the right to engage in political speech and spending without having to disclose their identities.

Ravel has now adopted the KKK strategy and vows to implement it at the FEC.