FECThe Obama administration’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) is stepping up its efforts to outlaw criticism of Democrat candidates, strengthening its new role as the enforcement arm of the liberal political movement.

The FEC is now telling the “Stop Hillary PAC” they are not allowed to mention Hillary Clinton in their title, despite the fact no law states they cannot.

FEC enforcement officers have told the PAC that political committees cannot use a candidate’s name in their title unless that candidate has specifically authorized it.

The regulation is intended to stop political groups that in the past have raise money from a political figure’s supporters by claiming to use the funds to support that candidate’s campaign.

That is clearly not the case with the anti-Hillary PAC.

They have until June 1 to comply.

The FEC’s efforts clearly violate the First Amendment’s prohibitions on legal efforts that infringe upon free speech. The use of Clinton’s name clearly defines the purpose and, in fact, prevents the group from misleading Clinton supporters.

It’s the latest in a series of FEC-lead attacks on conservatives.

Intended to be an impartial interpreter of federal election law, under Obama the FEC has become liberalism’s enforcement goons and are now actively promoting liberal causes and protecting liberal candidates.

Obama FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel has openly called on her body to shut down conservative bloggers and ban social media that criticize Democrats.

Ravel even wants the FEC to regulate how the news can discuss Democrat candidates.

“A reexamination of the commission’s approach to the internet and other emerging technologies is long over due,” Ravel growled.

Under Ravel’s model, Americans who criticize liberals without government approval could face fines and even jail time.

Ravel is also campaigning across the country to support the election of female candidates, despite the fact the FEC is in no way allowed to take any side in any election.

Under federal law, the FEC can take action only if a majority of commissioners vote to do so.

Ravel is also working to change that. Ravel is demanding the authority to prosecute Americans, like the anti-Hillary PAC, even if the FEC votes that an investigation is unwarranted.