trump, american flag,When Donald Trump announced his run for the Presidency, he said this about Mexico sending people to the US:

“They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Democrats in their sanctuary cities latched on that like a bulldog that won’t let go.
“Oh he’s racist!”
“That is unAmerican. We should accept everyone.”

They wanted Trump’s head on a silver platter.

Well… it turns out, Trump isn’t the only one who noticed illegal immigrants are bad for the home country.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (the equivalent of our President) unveiled some stunning news about Germany’s immigration policy:

Speaking at a conference of conservative MPs in Neumünster yesterday evening the Chancellor revealed that she expects 100,000 migrants to leave Germany this year, of which a third will be forcibly removed

Is this Merkel being racist? Does she think that Germans are just better? No…. She was the one who let them in in the first place. She rolled out the red carpet and said to anyone who would listen that Germany would accept any refugee who could make it.

But the results have been devastating to Germany.

Breitbart reported back in May that Germany’s crime rate was heavily affected by migrants and refugees. They found that if Merkel hadn’t opened the borders in the first place since 2014, then crime would have remained stagnant. But it turns out she did and Germany experienced an additional 402,741 crimes from non-Germans.

And during the Syrian refugee crisis, she was all about taking in Syrians (much like Obama). This was a bad idea.

According to Brietbart, they committed the most crimes of any refugee group in Germany.

Syrians top the list of migrant crimes that are not related to border controls, with a total of 10,348 individual offences in 2015. They also led assault cases among migrants, with 3,186 offences in 2015.

Merkel opened the borders.
Crime went up.
Sexual assault went up.
Merkel’s popularity immediately went down.  Now she’s trying to fix this.

So right now, we’ve got a border in the US that Obama is not enforcing. We have Obama wanting to take hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Syria, a hotbed for ISIS….A country that pillaged Germany’s land like a conquering enemy…. A country that exports mayhem.

And Trump wants to secure our border and crack down on who’s coming into our country because he’s a reasonable person who has seen the devastation open borders cause. He’s seen the crime here, the sexual assault, the murders that have happened. And somehow that makes him a racist.

Democrats are idiots.

What do you think of Merkel’s decisions to remove 100,000 immigrants, using force if necessary? Let us know in the comments below