LePageInaugurationOne Democrat lawmaker proposes a novel way of dealing with Republicans who cut taxes.

Kill them.

Maine Democrats called a town hall meeting Apr. 28 to attack a tax cut plan by Republican Gov. Paul LePage. Westbook City Councilman Paul Emery used the forum to suggest killing LePage in order to protect his city’s recent property tax hike.

“If he goes to see his maker it wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit,” Emery barked into a microphone during a public question and answer session.

“In some countries assassination is a political strategy, but unfortunately not here.”

Soon after, a reporter approached Emery at the event, asking about the death threat.

Emery initially denied he making the death threat, admitting it only after the reporter made it clear the public meeting, and his threats, had been taped.

Even then, Emery refused to back down from the death threat. When told by the reporter some people may disagree with killing officials who cut taxes, Emery said, “Who, Gov. LePage? Good.”

Then Emery, sensing he was in trouble, then tried to beg the reporter into not publishing his death threat.

“There’s no way of talking you out of this?” he said.

Realizing his death threat would be made public, Emery asked how he had been recorded. The reporter stated he had recorded the public town hall meeting on his cell phone.

Emery then stole the phone, snatching it from the reporter’s hand, stuffing it into his pocket, and walking away.

The Democrat city councilman returned the stolen phone only after event organizers begged him to.

Emery is hardly the first Democrat lawmaker to suggest adopting assassination as a political strategy.

Timothy Horrigan, a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representative, resigned in 2010 after publicly speculating on how assassinating Sarah Palin would impact the Republican Party.

Shockingly, the New Hampshire Democrat Party attacked Republicans over the resignation, suggesting they should be the ones resigning for being offended.

And it gets worse. That same day another New Hampshire Democrat, House candidate Keith Halloran, publicly lamented the fact Palin was not on board a plane that crashed in Alaska, killing U.S. Senator Ted Stevens.

“Just wish Sarah and Levy [sic] were on board,” Keith Halloran wrote about Palin and Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol’s ex-boyfriend.

The New Hampshire Democrat Party did not ask Halloran to drop out.

And it seems Horrigan’s resignation didn’t last long. Democrats proudly re-elected him in 2012.

He continues to serve today, and doesn’t seem too remorseful. In 2013 he publicly suggested former Vice President Dick Cheney shoot and kill U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.