road-sign-464641_640Under Barack Obama, it appears the only thing that’s illegal is criticizing Barack Obama.

1,580 IRS employees were caught intentionally cheating on their taxes between 2003 and 2014, an audit of the agency reveals.

IRS Commissioners fired only 620 of the tax cheats. The other 960 were given temporary suspensions, reprimands or “counseling.”

Again, these were not employees who made math errors. They were caught intentionally cheating on taxes. The audit found that they, among other frauds, filed fake expenses and claimed homeowner tax credits without buying a home.

And 60 percent kept their jobs.

Federal law requires the IRS to fire employees who intentionally cheat on taxes, unless the IRS commissioner intervenes. IRS Commissioners did not document how or why it chose to exempt itself from the law.

Even more shocking, or less shocking if you watch the news, simply flouting the law wasn’t enough for the Obama administration.

One-third of the tax cheats caught and disciplined between 2008 and 2013 not only kept their jobs, but were actually given bonuses or promotions just months later.

15 employees were caught engaging in tax fraud on multiple occasions. A majority kept their jobs enforcing tax laws.

“Some employees had significant and sometimes repeated tax noncompliance issues, and a history of other conduct issues,” the audit found. “Moreover, management had concluded that the employees were not credible. Nonetheless, the proposed terminations were mitigated by the IRS Commissioner.”

While most of the audit covers the Obama administration, it also includes the term of Bush appointee Douglas Shulman. His nomination was controversial, as Shulman only political donations were in support of Democrats. The targeting of Tea Party groups for harassment by the IRS’ Tax Exempt Organizations Division began under Democrat donor Shulman.

In all, the audit found nearly 130,000 suspected cases of tax fraud by IRS employees.

Democrats have reacted with no outrage over this stunning act of income redistribution.

No wonder the Obama administration put the IRS in charge of harassing Americans who question Obama. If you want something done right, hire a pro.