NCAA Football 2012 - Pittsburgh vs RutgersThe Rutgers University Student Assembly has passed a bill to create black, female, “third gender,” and various other versions of its Scarlet Knight mascot.

The university would create “multiple Scarlet Knights that could be black, Latino, Asian, female or third gender.”

The bill was offered by a freshman student representative who was offended when he saw the fictional character had fair skin and blue eyes.

“This does not seem right,” said R. Emmet Brennan, the bill’s sponsor and a white male.

“Our mascot does not represent how diverse we are as a school,” Brennan told the campus newspaper.

Brennan reports he has spent the year “educat(ing) himself on different ethnicities and genders.”  His bill refers to the new costumes as “mascot friends.”

According to Brennan, the bill passed narrowly because “there were some concerns over the mascot possibly being offensive if it wasn’t done properly.”

Brennan says the mascot will be developed by “a working committee of the different multicultural (organizations), possibly the Queer Caucus — basically students who represent a unique voice, and have them all working together at the same table to make sure red flags that arise with any of those groups — that mascot would immediately be tabled.”

No word as to whether Brennan feels his use of the term “red” flag in a pejorative manner is offensive to Native Americans.

But some actual minorities in the student body think it’s a dumb idea.

“I feel like it’s a bit far-fetched,” Sneha Lakhani, a Rutgers Business School junior tells the campus paper. “I don’t feel like [diversity] has to be shown in that manner as well because Rutgers does a good job showing it in every other way.”

So do others with expertise on mascots.

“I don’t think that is going to solve the issue,” David Raymond, who was the Philadelphia Phillies mascot, the Philly Phanatic, for 16 years, tells “I think that’s going to create more confusion.

Until then, Mr. Brennan and his fellow Tolerance Police will not rest until their fictitious mascot is resdesigned as a more acceptable race.