ASUposterIs college making Americans stupider?

If this Arizona State student is any indication, yes. Yes, it is.

Arizona State University student, Alec Melger, has started a petition asking the university to stop its cruel oppression of disabled people.

According to Melger, “Pedestrian Only” signs are a human rights violation.

His petition reads “ASU is one of the largest universities in the United States and is a place of work, learning, and leisure to over 75,000 people on campus. Enforcing “Walk Only” zones onto campus property marginalizes disabled bodies who cannot walk. This petition is in effort to make a more blanket title for these zones that encompasses the diversity of all bodies who occupy the community that is ASU.”

No disabled person has ever complained about the sign.

Melger is not disabled. His profile photo shows him standing with two Transformers, which could be offensive to people who can’t afford cars.

Melger has not apologized for microagressing the carless.

A stunning 50 people have signed it. Several signed only to mock the special little snowflake.

Other dummies who attend the Tempe, Ariz. idiot factory actually agree with him.

“I am signing because the ‘Walk Only Zones’ are exclusive to only those who can walk. ASU has a diverse set of students and should be inclusive to all,” writes Katelynn Showers.

“I was on crutches for 5 weeks and felt uncomfortable when seeing this sign,” writes ASU beef-wit James Qian.

“This is necessary. Oppressive language is a microagression that needs to be addressed and is often forgotten about. Word choice is one of the easiest things to change and often one of the most powerful,” wrote student Victoria Jackson, who will undoubtedly suffer a nervous breakdown when she learns she shares a name with a white European imperialist powerholder.

“[sic] equality for all, marginalization is engrained in society we have to work together to change the consciousnes of our community,” added Logan Saether, misspellings and all.

Students whose very being can be destroyed by words on a traffic sign are circulating a poster demanding it be changed.

“Not everyone at ASU can walk, so WHY use the lingo ‘Walk Only’?,” the poster whines.

“We don’t like creepy people policing our bodies on the way to class either,” the incomprehensible poster reads.

Students cannot explain who the “creepy people” are, or how words on a traffic sign are “policing our bodies.”

University officials have not responded to the petition, or explained how four years of their college can apparently make someone dumber.