SmeltWhile California’s liberal ruling class are threatening people with fines for taking showers, and farmers watch their life’s work dry up and blow away, the state is dumping billions of gallons of water into the Pacific Ocean to “regulate water temperature.”

The result is a drought. Not one caused by lack of rainfall, but one caused the usual disastrous results of liberal policies.

Under California law, 48 percent of the state’s water is off-limits to humans and is reserved “for environmental purposes.”

While humans suffer, and farmers lose their livelihoods, state officials are dumping billions of gallons of precious water to make the water more comfortable for six fish.

Not six species of fish.

Six. Fish.

In other words, California is destroying the state’s economy to make the fish tank in a Chinese restaurant more comfortable.

“Sacramento and Washington have chosen to put the well-being of fish above the well-being of people by refusing to capture millions of acre-feet of water during wet years for use during dry years,” said U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) “These policies imposed on us now, and during wet seasons of the past, are leaving our families, businesses, communities and state high and dry.”

“Environmentalists have long blamed agriculture for absorbing more than its share of water, but figures from the California Department of Water Resources show that farming accounts for about 41 percent of applied water usage. Fully 48 percent is reserved for environmental purposes, which includes improving the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and its most famous inhabitant, the delta smelt,” The Washington Times reports.

A state survey last year found only six of them. Delta smelt are less than three inches long. They are endangered because of natural selection. They reproduce slowly, live only a year and are preyed upon by naturally superior fish.

Species like the delta smelt are routinely eliminated by nature. Of all plant and animal species that have ever existed, scientific evidence shows natural extinction eliminated 99.9 percent of them.

That hasn’t stopped environmentalists from destroying an entire state to impose their own personal will on Mother Nature.

They worry that if the water temperature is too warm the fish will feel sad, so they are artificially tampering with it by dumping half of the state’s water.

“It’s going to be very hard for him [Gov. Jerry Brown] to summon any kind of moral authority to fine people $500 if they waste a gallon of water on their lawns or sidewalks and yet have no problems wasting millions of gallons of water in the pursuit of making the fish perfectly happy,” U.S. Rep.. Tom McClintock (R-Ca.) tells WND/Radio America.

No word whether the state’s liberal elites are as worried about the state’s human population.