Loretta_Sanchez_113th_CongressHer stereotypical Indian name would be She Who Can’t Stop Digging

Remember that prominent Democrat who made a racist statement about Indian Americans?

No, not Joe Biden.

The one who then claimed it she was Native American, but couldn’t prove it?

No, not Elizabeth Warren.

This time the racist knucklehead is Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, now running for United States Senate in California.

Sanchez drew the attention of Indian Americans, but not the media, in mid-May when she referred to Native Americans by tapping her mouth and making a “war cry” seen only in episodes of “F Troop.”

After initially trying to pass off her mild racism by explaining that, hey, she’s funny, Sanchez’s liberal crazy train made an unscheduled stop in Unsubstantiated Claim Town.

According to Sanchez, it’s okay for her to make mocking stereotypes about Native Americans because, um, she’s one too.

“[Native Americans] know that I have always had their backs,” Sanchez later explained, during a major speech. “And they know what many of you don’t know. Like so many Mexican Americans, I am proudly part Native American – on my mother’s side.”

When reporters asked for documentation of her claim, Sanchez’s office panicked and refused to respond.

If Sanchez is referring to the fact that as an American of Mexican ancestry, she is part Indian, she’s off the mark.

Many Mexicans are mestizo. That is, they are a mix of white European Spanish and Native Amerindian.

If that’s Sanchez’s excuse, it doesn’t wash. Her ancestors were Aztec, not the Plains Indians she was mocking by making a sound out of a “Looney Tunes” short.

That’s like claiming it’s okay to make fun of the Irish because your great, great, great grandmother was Welsh.

The ball is now in California Democrats’ court. One of their own made an ignorant, racially stereotypical comment, then passed it off as a joke by making an unsubstantiated claim that expressed even more racial ignorance.

Will Loretta Sanchez be rewarded, or will they hold her to the same standard they hold everyone else?