Many Americans have expressed fear over Obama’s Syrian refugee program that U.S. officials claim is set to resettle 10,000 “refugees” into cities across America.

But that figure may be an attempt by the Obama administration to manipulate the truth in a PR campaign designed to intentionally mislead the American public.

Some members of Congress are working to find out exactly how many so-called “refugees” the Obama administration has already brought to U.S. soil.

Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz penned a letter blasting government officials and accusing Obama of secretly funneling hundreds of thousands of refugees — from war-torn countries throughout the Middle East — into America.

Senator Cruz claims “more than 330,000 refugees have arrived in the United States” since 2011.

Cruz goes on to add that these refugee programs place a heavy burden on taxpayers saying, “on average, each refugee costs taxpayers an estimated $64,370 — or $257,481 per household — in the first five years.”

That has many Americans rightfully worried.

Government leaders in European countries have openly and willfully helped hundreds of thousands of “refugees” come across their borders.

And foreign policy experts say the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels were a result of Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis — which has erupted into full-blown chaos — and which was caused by government refugee programs and policies.

Refugees throughout Europe have created major culture clashes with the native populations — and reports of rape, riots, and extremist group activity are all on the rise.

ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East have publicly stated the ongoing migrant crisis would be exploited and used as a Trojan Horse to carry out attacks against the United States and other Western countries.

Many are starting to wonder why President Obama, after the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels, continues to bring in more refugees — and if he is willfully leading America on a suicide mission.

Mainstream media outlets report the first of Obama’s refugees — from Jordan — landed on American soil in early April.