Bill Clinton’s women problems are always lurking around the next corner.

The former President has seen one scandal after another pile up.

Now he’s in hot water because of what one photo showed him doing with two women.

The popular blog Barstool Sports posted a photo of Bill Clinton ogling two blonde women as they were passing him by on the street.

The photo also revealed Clinton’s fly was down.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A viral photo obtained by Barstool Sports is circulating the internet Friday and it’s not exactly flattering for former President Bill Clinton. (RELATED: Hillary Erupts into Coughing Fit During Video Segment)

The entire photo is pretty suspect. Let’s break it down. First things first, Clinton seems to be aimlessly wandering around some random building. He doesn’t appear to be accompanied by anybody and he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At least he doesn’t seem to be in much of a rush. Which doesn’t excuse the next part of this breakdown. His fly is completely down and his belt is off center. Not to mention, his lilac shirt is questionably tight and he’s looking even more bloated than usual.

But what really brings the entire photograph to a point is the fact that he’s unapologetically, unabashedly, un-remorsefully, 110% blatantly checking out two unsuspecting girls passing by.”

There is no indication Clinton is involved with the women or did anything wrong.

But it’s another reminder of everything people dislike about Clinton in the first place.

During the 2016 campaign, his past scandals dogged Hillary Clinton.

She could not escape the fact that she enabled Bill Clinton’s alleged abuses of sexual harassment, to sexual assault, to even rape.

The Clintons – with the help of a friendly media – were able to sweep these scandals under the rug when Bill ran for President.

But Donald Trump repeatedly hammered home that Bill’s sexual misconduct and Hillary’s enabling of them were disqualifying actions.

Which is what triggered the media’s outrageous – and unsubstantiated allegations – that Trump was some kind of serial woman abuser.

Are you glad Donald Trump kept Bill and Hillary Clinton out of the White House?

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