Naked rifle attack on ex-wife the latest in a gun grabbing politician crime wave

detroitA Detroit Democrat lawmaker is in police custody after chasing and beating his ex-wife, then shooting her car as she fled, all while nude.

State Sen. Virgil Smith, a fierce gun control advocate, could face charges of aggravated assault with what police are calling an automatic weapon.

According to Smith, his ex-wife and the police report, the incident began when the ex-wife showed up at Smith’s home at 1:00 a.m. and began fighting with his girlfriend.

At that point, Smith attacked his ex-wife, punching her four to five times in the face and chasing her outside of the home, while nude.

As she fled the house Smith emerged with “an [unknown] type long gun and followed behind. She observed muzzle flash (three times) as suspect began firing at her,” the police report states.

Smith admitted the shooting to police, saying “he did the most stupid thing in his life, he shot the (ex-wife’s) vehicle.”

Police found numerous bullet holes in a 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA250, which could not be started due to the damage.

Smith has a pro-gun rating of 0 percent by the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Ownership. He voted against bills expanding concealed carry rights and making it easier to obtain a firearms license.

Smith’s arrest is just the latest in an epidemic of gun violence at the hands of anti-gun politicians.

In April 2014, California State Senator Leeland Yee, an outspoken gun control champion, was arrested for attempting to fund his campaign for California Secretary of State through a deal to buy automatic weapons from terrorist groups and selling them to California street gangs.

Yee was widely considered to be the California Senate top gun control advocate. He was among the first legislators in the nation to use the Newtown, Conn. school shootings to propose anti-gun bills. He also sponsored bills banning 3D printed guns and magazine conversion kits.

In 2006 the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence named the international weapons trafficker and street gang gun supplier to its “Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.”

In March 2013, Delaware Mayor James “Jay” Schiliro, was arrested for attempting to rape a man at gunpoint. In addition to be a gun criminal, Schiliro was a gun control advocate and member of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Again Illegal Guns.”

Another “Mayor Against Illegal Guns,” Jackson, Miss.’s Frank Melton, was charged on two separate gun crimes, violating a gun-free school zone and committing a violent crime while armed with a handgun.

At least 14 members of Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” have either plead guilty or been convicted of crimes, ranging from illegal guns to child molestation, giving them a higher crime rate than the gunowners they’re attacking.

Maybe it’s time to start building prisons just to hold all the anti-gun politicians.