We are always looking for those great products and deals that will make your life better.  Most of the products we are showing you are actually owned by our staff and they recommend we share them with you.

This week we are going to be looking at some special hacks to help you look your best.  But also look below for some special health gadgets.  But these a little different.  These are tools that will help you get in better shape with almost no effort.  And finally, it’s hunting season.  I found some items that you might like, at some great pices.

If you have any products you think we ought to know about, put it in the comment section below.

Grooming Hacks

Charcoal Teeth Cleaner? Really? How in the heck does coconut ash get your teeth cleaner?  Well a couple of things you need to know about charcoal.  It absorbs toxins and when gently rubbed on your teeth it removes stains on the outside of your teeth.  I am blown away at how well this works.  (Warning, don’t splatter it, it makes a mess).  But this is much cheaper than going to the dentist for teeth whitening and the results are fantastic.  After using this, they will also give you a coupon for a free version of their paste.  If you drink tea or coffee (or in my case all that and blueberries) you will be positively amazed at your smile.


There is something about fall that just makes my back really hairy.  I have tried waxing, laser treatments, and this chemical stuff.  All were painful and nothing lasted very long.  I ran across this and it just works.  What is great is it uses regular safety blades.  There are similar models but you have to buy their blades.  This uses blades you buy 100 for $10.  Three of the blades fit in the top, and if you use it in the shower, you are done in a few minutes.  No more looking like the ape man in the gym.  Your lady will really appreciate it.


Speaking of shaving, how would you like your blades to last 2-5 times longer?  I use a Gillette Fusion.  Blades can cost $18 for a five pack, and I was only able to use a blade for a week.  Now they last five weeks.  So instead of paying roughly $216 a year for blades, now I’m only paying $36.  That is why spending $25 on the Hone Alone is worth it.  I got it last year for Christmas, and this year I’m giving it to my sons (and daughters).  It is a solid made in America product that should last for years.  There are no batteries or any gimmicks it just works.


Health Hacks

Studies show that people who weigh themselves regularly keep their weight under control.  Kick it up a notch so you don’t have to add a notch to your belt, with this scale.  Step on this scale, and within seconds it takes 8 different essential health measurements, giving you comprehensive data about your health. Body measurements are sent instantly to your smartphone each time you step on, making it easy to track weight loss and health progress. And the price is great.


Make Work Better

Does your back ache at the end of the day of sitting at your desk?  Why not get a chair that will strengthen your core while you work?  This is cheaper than most office chairs and will actually make you stronger.  You can even take the balance ball out and use it to do exercises with it.  Developed under the consultation of chiropractic pioneer Dr. Randy Weinzoff, this chair will greatly alleviate the aching back/legs/arms syndrome that come from sitting at a desk for hours. Also helps to relieve pain and promote proper spinal alignment, posture, a healthier back, and overall well-being.


This product has changed my life.  I have had standing desk envy for a while.  A friend of mine got one he pushes a button, and his whole desk rose up.  That was extremely cool, but very expensive.  I only wanted one for my computer.  As I researched standing desks I found out the damage inflicted on our backs sitting all day.  I was convinced, but this was big investment so I searched for months, I finally settled on the Victor Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Standing Desk Converter.  It’s sturdy, but unlike most, it allows you to adjust the monitor very easily.  Instead of a bunch of springs, it uses quality hydraulics.  And this thing is solid.  It comes a single monitor, or dual version.  It is worth every penny.

Dual Monitor

Single Monitor


Hunting Specials at Amazon

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