President Obama’s only got three weeks left in office and he’s trying to outdo himself in ruining Donald Trump’s chances of succeeding. Most recently, he allowed the UN Resolution 2344 to pass, which stabbed Israel in the back. He’s also been poking the Russian bear, accusing Putin of hacking the elections. There’s also rumors that Obama will try and use the vacation by the Senate to push through a last-minute Supreme Court Nomination.

And that’s all since December.

Here are some other examples of Obama’s treachery.
1) Obama’s resettlement of Muslim Refugees- Obama broke Federal law by resettling refugees without getting the permission of the town. This is mandated by the 1980 Refugee Act which implicitly spells out the Federal Government must consult with local townships before placing refugees there. So far he has resettled

2) Keeping the Southern Border Open- More than 540,000 refugees flooded into America from September 2015-September 2016. Obama has done nothing to prevent this. Donald Trump, on the other hand, has promised to build a wall to stop the deluge of illegals coming. Obama slammed Trump for this in a speech to the UN earlier this year.

3) Legitimizing hate groups- Obama has met with the leaders of Black Lives Matter, a group responsible for inciting violence against police officers. These groups were also known disrupters of Trump’s campaign in the months leading up to the election!

4) Helping ISIS grow- Earlier this year, Obama was caught on tape saying the growth of ISIS would be helpful to oust President Basshar Assad…

Obama wanted a terrorist group known for killing Christians, burning villages, and beheading children to keep getting larger. Let that sink in for a moment.

Luckily, Donald Trump recognizes this evil for what it is. He said he would bomb them back to the Stone Age once he gets into office.

5) Obama and Kerry made secret pacts to bypass Congress- A few months ago, John Kerry was negotiating to take up nearly 1,300 refugees in. These same refugees were returned away in Austrailia because of their violent behavior, and Obama and Kerry wanted them sent here. This is unacceptable. If Australia doesn’t want them, there’s no reason we should just open our arms and take them either.

6) Obama made secret deals with Iran- In July 2015, Obam signed into existence the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran. He didn’t consult with Congress on the plans, and to this day, there are portions of the plan that are considered top secret classified. Not even some Congressmen can access them.

And Obama said he would be the most transparent administration from history, yet he’s setting up Trump to enter blind into foreign relations with our one of our largest enemies.

7) Delays in incoming Cabinet appointments- Obama’s posse of Democratic senators have made a move to put a stay on confirming incoming Donald Trump’s incoming cabinet members. This is a sad partisan move to delay giving Trump the full authority of the Presidency.

There you have it, folks. Obama is purposefully using his present power to make it more difficult for Donald Trump to have a clean runway. With Obama on his way out though, there’s not much he can do to…Trump will start rolling his policies back ASAP.