Robert Mueller just called it quits.

But on his way out, he dropped a bombshell that no one could have seen.

Mueller just said something about William Barr that left Democrats stunned.

Robert Mueller is finally done.

The former Special Counsel and lead investigator into the allegations that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government in the 2016 election to steal the race from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has finally declared that he will be quitting his job and retiring from the Justice Department.

Mueller declared that he will be returning to private life and that he won’t testify to the Democratic-held House of Representatives, in a move that serves as a devastating defeat to Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and their liberal allies.

And the decision comes just weeks after revealing that after two years of investigations, no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government could be established.

Even though Mueller won’t say it, he cleared Trump and left Democrats without any good options to run with.

And in a final devastating blow to Democrats on his way out the door, Mueller left one final surprise that left Democrats speechless.

The Daily Caller reports, “Special counsel Robert Mueller said during prepared remarks Wednesday that he believes Attorney General Bill Barr acted in ‘good faith’ by waiting to release the full report from the Russia investigation.”

“Mueller previously wrote a letter to Barr in March that alleged he ‘did not fully capture the context, nature and substance’ of the investigation in his initial letter summarizing the principal conclusions from the report. Barr opted to release the principal conclusions while the full report underwent redactions to make it suitable for public release,” states the Daily Caller.

But then Mueller did the unthinkable.

“We conducted an independent criminal investigation and reported the results to the Attorney General—as required by Department regulations,” Mueller said. “The Attorney General then concluded that it was appropriate to provide our report to Congress and the American people.”

Mueller continued, “At one point in time I requested that certain portions of the report be released,” he continued. “The Attorney General preferred to make the entire report public all at once.  We appreciate that the Attorney General made the report largely public. I do not question the Attorney General’s good faith in that decision.”

This is awful news for Democrats, who were planning to attack William Barr for weeks.

If they can’t take down President Trump, the next best option in their mind was to take down the man who works for him.

And Barr was easily their number one target after it became clear that Pelosi and Chuck Schumer had no case to make against the President himself.

But now Mueller just gave Barr a giant shield he can now use to defend himself against accusations that he has mishandled his role as Attorney General in dealing with the fallout of the Mueller report.

And that shield was given to him by the same man who Democrats just a few months ago were hoping would take down President Donald Trump.

Do you think Democrats have a case against Barr or do you think they’re playing petty politics?

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