Donald TrumpThere are just weeks until the first vote of the 2020 Presidential season.

Democrats will take their first step in trying to determine which candidate will take on President Trump next November.

And all hell just broke loose when Donald Trump saw the results of this shock 2020 poll.

The fake news media and other supposed “experts” in Washington spent the last three years predicting Donald Trump’s political demise.

Liberals pointed to Trump’s approval ratings as evidence the American people recognized they made a mistake in 2016 and were set to oust the President in 2020.

Early horse race polls showed Democrat challengers leading Donald Trump in hypothetical 2020 matchups.

Now – however – Democrats are breaking out into a panic.

That’s because the 2020 landscape shifted dramatically in the President’s favor.

A recent Zogby Analytics poll found President Trump leading every single Democrat in 2020 trial heats.

Zogby found President Trump leading Joe Biden by one point, Bernie Sanders by two and Elizabeth Warren by four.

Former Vice President Biden is the most likely nominee and Zogby explained which key voting groups would favor President Trump in a potential match-up with Biden.

“Among the important swing voters the race continues to be a see saw: Trump is winning with Independents (Trump leads 41% to 40%), consumer blocs-NASCAR fans (Trump leads 59% to 34%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 52% to 37%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 51% to 45%) and the most vulnerable voters-lost a job (Trump leads 52% to 38%), afraid of losing a job (both at 46%), at a job that pays less (Trump leads 48% to 42%), gone without food for 24 hours (Trump leads 47% to 43%). Biden is also beating Trump with suburban women (Biden 47% to 40%), who will factor in big in the 2020 presidential election,” Zogby wrote.

There are several reasons why Donald Trump is now a slight favorite to win re-election.

In any election, the economy is the number one issue.

And Donald Trump is presiding over a historic economic boom.

The stock market is setting records and Democrats can’t even claim only the wealthy are benefiting from the Trump economic agenda.

That’s because in 2019, wage earners in the bottom 25 percent saw their pay increase at a faster rate than those in the top 25 percent.

Democrats also overplayed their hand on the impeachment hoax.

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The American people recognize this partisan sham for what it is and are punishing the Democrats for pushing a coup to overthrow a duly elected President.

Finally, the President wrapped up 2019 by scoring a series of major policy wins.

The National Defense Authorization Act created President Trump’s proposed Space Force.

President Trump saw the House of Representatives pass his renegotiated trade deal to fix NAFTA and make it work for the American people instead of foreigners and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

All of these factors added up to an improving political environment as Donald Trump heads into his re-election campaign.

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