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  • The racist symbol liberals love

    The racist symbol liberals love

    Che Guevara wasn’t just a sociopathic serial killer, he was sickeningly racist As liberals use the tragic mass killings at a Charleston, S.C. church to build their fundraising lists with calls to ban the Confederate […]

  • Clinton Foundation head: Hillary “Paranoid”

    Clinton Foundation head: Hillary “Paranoid”

    Then-HHS Secretary said Clinton suffers from paranoia, delusions in secret 1994 interview Clinton administration Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala questioned First Lady Hillary Clinton’s sanity in recently-discovered audiotapes recorded in 1994, the […]

  • Residents fleeing liberal states

    Residents fleeing liberal states

    High taxes, force unionism turning liberal states into depopulated wastelands “(A)nalysis of tax data and figures provided by two major national moving companies shows that states with the highest per-capita taxes, for the most part, […]

  • Hillary crumbling in key states

    Hillary crumbling in key states

    Ethics woes take toll as voters express concerns Hillary Clinton is struggling against her lesser-known Republican rivals in key Electoral College states, and that has the mainstream media in a panic. Since 1960 no candidate […]

  • Obamacare users turn on Democrats

    Obamacare users turn on Democrats

    Polls finds support for Democrats plunges once voters experience Obamacare So much for those liberal predictions that grateful voters would stampede to Democrats to thank them for Obamacare. A new poll finds Americans with Obamacare […]

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