Donald Trump

The mysterious coronavirus caused a stock market meltdown and put millions of Americans on edge about quarantines and how the virus would affect their ability to live their everyday lives.

Now one jaw-dropping story added even more uncertainty into the mix.

And you’ll be speechless when you see who may have exposed Trump to the coronavirus.

The spread of the coronavirus crept closer than ever to Donald Trump on Monday.

Two Republican Congressmen that attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) announced they were going into self-quarantine after coming into contact with an attendee that tested positive for coronavirus.

Georgia Congressman Doug Collins was the first to make this announcement.

Collins tweeted, “This afternoon, I was notified by CPAC that they discovered a photo of myself and the patient who has tested positive for #COVID19. While I am not experiencing any symptoms, I have decided to self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution.”

The Georgia Congressman was photographed shaking hands with President Trump when the President traveled to Georgia to visit the Centers for Disease Control facility in Atlanta to show his support to the health professionals on the frontline of the coronavirus fight.

More disturbing was the story of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Gaetz is one of the President’s strongest defenders in Congress and flew with the President aboard Air Force One on a trip to Florida for fundraising.

On the trip, Gaetz also rode in “The Beast” – the Presidential limo – with Donald Trump.

During the flight home, Gaetz told the New York Times that his chief of staff called to tell him there was a picture of the Congressman interacting with the infected individual at CPAC 11 days ago.

The median number of days it takes an individual to show symptoms from the coronavirus is five days, but Gaetz was tested anyway when he landed.

In the interview with the New York Times, Gaetz described how he refused to go into the President’s office and self-quarantined by sitting by himself in a section of Air Force One.

“I would not go into his office,” Gaetz told the Times. “I stood outside of it. He just wanted to see if I was all right which I am.”

“He asked if I needed to be wrapped in cellophane,” Gaetz added. “I told him that I was willing to jump out of the plane without a parachute if necessary.”

There were surely many liberals and members of the fake news media that took secret joy in this story.

They falsely claimed that President Trump called the coronavirus a Democrat hoax and they relished the idea of the President receiving his so-called comeuppance.

But most normal Americans prayed for the President’s – as well as those of the Congressmen and anyone else at CPAC that may have interacted with the infected individual – safety.

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