obama-illegals-2Obama administration found a loophole in language banning illegals – don’t bother checking.

Under the letter of the law, Obamacare does not allow illegals to get subsidized health care.

But it’s hard to enforce that when the rest of Obamacare doesn’t allow anyone to check.

So it should come as no surprise a new U.S. Senate report reveals illegal aliens have already pocketed nearly $750 million in Obamacare subsidies.

While Obamacare does not allow illegals to claim subsidies, the Obama administration set up Obamacare so it couldn’t check the residency status of enrollees.

The result is a welfare program for illegals that has already cost Americans nearly $1 billion.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for health insurance subsidies provided to low-income Americans through President Obama’s healthcare law. But some still succeeded in collecting the government assistance, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which announced in June that it had ended coverage for about 423,000 consumers who had failed to produce “sufficient documentation on their citizenship or immigration status.”

The flaw in the system is that proof of legal residency is not required in order to begin receiving taxpayer cash.
“Pursuant to the ACA, if CMS cannot verify an individual’s citizenship, status as a national, or legal presence, CMS provides temporary coverage to the individual, including credits and subsidies, while it allows the individual to provide documentary evidence of his eligibility,” the report from the Senate Homeland Security Committee states.

In other words, pay first and ask questions later.

“If the individual does not provide sufficient documentary evidence of eligibility, CMS must remove the individual from coverage,” the report reads.

And while the law does not allow illegals to pocket taxpayer cash, the Obama administration isn’t working up a sweat trying to get the money back.

“The IRS and CMS have been unable to implement an effective plan to recoup credits and subsidies improperly awarded on behalf of people who failed to verify their citizenship, status as a national, or legal presence,” the report reads.

Not only is Obamacare set up to send nearly a billion dollars in taxpayer cash to illegals, states are openly advertising the program as a way for illegals to get government benefits.

Breitbart reports:

Covered California–the flagship of state Obamacare exchanges–is recruiting illegal (“undocumented”) immigrants to sign up for the program, regardless of their eligibility.

 The Covered California website includes a special page entitled: “No temas si eres indocumentado/a y quieres inscribir a tu familia en un seguro médico” (“Fear not if you are undocumented and want to enroll your family in health insurance”). The website goes on to explain that information shared with Obamacare cannot be shared with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It does not explicitly warn that illegal aliens are ineligible.