Within one hour of President-elect Trump becoming Mr. President, the first “Fake News” story of the new administration was already being perpetuated by the liberal media.

And with the left desperately searching for new reasons to spew their unwavering hatred towards him, it spread like wildfire.

Liberal outlets everywhere reported – while the parade was going on and Trump was taking the traditional path from the Capital Building to the White House – that his staff had “deleted” Obama’s “LGBT” and “Climate Change” sections from the Whitehouse.gov website.

But, even though it went viral, it’s of course not what happened at all.  Obama’s website was moved to the archives section – where it will permanently remain, and with the sections still there – which is part of the transition.

Liberals went haywire and spread the fake news because LGBT and climate change are supposedly important issues to millions of them.

But, are they really?

During the worldwide Women’s March over the weekend, liberals who claim they care about the environment left heaps of their trash everywhere.

Except liberal news, including The Washington Post, denied the photographic evidence of countless pictures depicting their heaps of trash.

They said the “heaps of trash” were the picketing signs and posters left on the sidewalk in front of Trump’s International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is undeniably true the Women’s March protesters did, in fact, leave their signs and posters on the sidewalk of Trump’s hotel, but the liberal mainstream media hilariously ignored the countless other photographs of trash left all over the rest of the city, like at the D.C. Mall.

Well, here’s actual video evidence of a Trump supporter who attended the Women’s March in D.C. in a white “Make America Great Again” hat, literally cleaning up the trash the “environmentally conscious” feminists left all over the Mall.

A big thanks goes out to this young man for having the class and grace to clean up after these insufferable and selfish feminists.

But that’s part of their liberal shtick, isn’t it?

These feminists meaninglessly marched on D.C. and pretended to care about issues that are not being threatened, while they hypocritically and selfishly ignored those same issues during the event.

Bringing light to an issue that apparently concerns them – while arguably causing more damage to that same issue they claim to believe in?

How is that right?

And this isn’t the first time this has happened either.

In 2014, the mellow “Peace Now” countercultural, environmentally conscious celebration deposited more than 10,000 pounds of garbage in Golden Gate Park, which forced volunteers and park workers to clean up.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s website SF Gate, the celebration drew a massive amount of climate change believers – estimated between 10,000 and 15,000 – and it cost the taxpayers more than $10,000 in cleanup costs.

The immense load of empty bags of chips, candy wrappers, and snack containers left behind was evidence that it was, of course, the remnants of potheads with a case of the munchies.

What a surprise.

Now we have indisputable photographic and video proof that these “environmentally conscious climate change enthusiasts” go way beyond just their hypocritical claims – now, there’s evidence of their hypocritical actions too.