Liberal women have banded together with activists and other protesters to create the “Women’s March” organization.

The organization was previously behind the “Women’s March on Washington”, and several other smaller marches no one paid attention to.

Now, the group is planning a march against the military.

The “Pledge of Liberation March” is a catch-all event for everything liberal women want to protest.

So far, the march has been advertised as a protest to defund the military, raise the minimum wage, end gender norms and stereotypes, increase availability of abortion services, and every other far-left issue the group could think of.

Several other leftist groups have joined the “Women’s March” group in their ultimately meaningless efforts.

The Daily Caller reported:

The “Pledge of Liberation” also calls for a $15 federal minimum wage, an end to “gender norms, expectations, stereotypes” and abortion on demand, among other far-left positions.

Women’s March, which recently joined forces with left-wing activist group Indivisible, is partnering up with the ACLU, United We Dream, Hollaback!, The Gathering for Justice and the National Lawyers Guild to hold 60 demonstrations across the country on Monday in conjunction with the pledge, according to the group’s website.

Pro-abortion group NARAL endorsed the pledge and promoted it on Twitter.

However, the main focus of the march is to defund the military.

Liberal “activists” are pledging, mostly via retweets on Twitter, to aid against militant efforts, though any actual efforts against military policies have yet to be seen.

The Daily Caller reported:

“We reject the use of our tax dollars for expanded and militarized law enforcement, for prisons, and for military weapons that harm rather than help people,” the pledge’s introduction declares.

A section of the pledge titled “Ending State + Police Violence” similarly claims signees “reject all forms of violence, particularly violence perpetrated by those who claim to protect and serve the people.”

Another section, titled “Ending War,” states, “we must work together to end war and live in peace with our family around the world. Ending war means a cessation to the direct and indirect aggression caused by the war economy and the concentration of power in the hands of a wealthy elite who use political, social, and economic systems to safeguard and expand their power.”

Ultimately, the efforts of the “Women’s March” organization seems to be another empty promise for change these groups will fail to follow-through with.

Liberal “activists” need to realize a few retweets and few marches do not bring about change; action does – which is why the Democratic Party is fractured and falling apart.

Do you think the liberal marches bring about any sort of change?

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