The Democrats are pouncing to try and take out William Barr while he’s at a disadvantage.

But Barr’s just proven that their little scheme doesn’t stand a chance.

William Barr silenced a nasty rumor CNN was spreading with just eight words.

U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware, is demanding that William Barr step down.

The Democrats are outraged that President Trump would tell his thoughts on Twitter.

They talk about it as if this is a new low in politics as if every President hasn’t told their Attorney Generals their thoughts on cases.

The only difference in this case is that Trump put his thoughts out on Twitter.

Trump is far more open with the world about what he wants than previous Presidents.

Obama’s Attorney General lied about the Fast and Furious operation, where the Obama administration gave guns to drug cartels in hopes of tracking the weapons.

Do Democrats really believe Obama’s Attorney General was acting totally independently?

All William Barr did was change the sentencing in Roger Stone’s case to be in line with the recommended sentence on the DOJ books.

If it wasn’t for Trump’s tweet, no one would even be talking about this.

It’s all a story the mainstream media created to make Trump and William Barr look bad.

CNN even reported incorrectly that William Barr was planning on resigning.

According to the Daily Wire:

Attorney General William Barr, through his spokesperson at the Department of Justice, indicated late on Tuesday night that he does not have any plans to resign from the department.

Barr spokeswoman Kerri Kupec wrote on Twitter: “Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign.”

Barr’s response came after CNN, The Washington Post, and The Associated Press reported on Tuesday night that Barr had privately told those close to him that he was considering quitting because of President Donald Trump’s tweets about Justice Department matters.

As William Barr said on ABC, “I am responsible for everything that happens in the department, but the thing I have most responsibility for are the issues that are brought to me for decision, and I will make those decisions based on what I think is the right thing to do and I’m not going to be bullied or influenced by anybody. And I said, whether it’s Congress, newspaper editorial boards, or the President. I’m going to do what I think is right.”

Trump admitted that his tweets made the job harder for the Attorney General. “Yeah, I do make his job harder,” Trump said to reporters. “I do agree with that. I think that’s true. He’s a very straight shooter. We have a great Attorney General, and he’s working very hard. And he’s working against a lot of people that don’t want to see good things happen, in my opinion.”

The only people that the mainstream media are happy with are the people that are attacking Donald Trump at any cost.

The Democrats think any Attorney General of Trump’s should resign because they don’t think anyone should work for Trump.