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Mail-in ballots have opened up the American system to voter fraud.

Now it’s vital to make sure the election results weren’t changed through cheating.

William Barr has his hands full with this huge number of voter fraud cases.

Nevada approved a plan to send ballots to every active voter in their state.

“This bill will help prevent Nevadans from experiencing the long lines at polling locations they faced during the Primary election, which will protect their safety, safeguard their right to make their voices heard, and help reduce the spread of COVID-19,” Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, said.

The majority of Americans have been standing in lines at the grocery store for months yet Democrats claimed it was unsafe during elections.

The data was already in that voting was safe and yet Democrats chose to ignore that and instead send a ballot to every person in the state.

That’s insanity.

Unsurprisingly, it could have led to thousands, if not tens of thousands of cases of voter fraud.

The Nevada Republican Party sent at least 3,062 criminal referrals to the Justice Department.

“Our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to AG Barr regarding at least 3,062 instances of voter fraud,” the Nevada GOP’s official account wrote on Twitter. “We expect that number to grow substantially. Thousands of individuals have been identified who appear to have violated the law by casting ballots after they moved from NV.”

Also, the Trump campaign is planning to sue the State of Nevada because they allege 10,000 people voted in the state despite no longer living there.

“The Trump campaign alleges there are ‘tens of thousands’ of people who voted in Nevada who are no longer state residents. The campaign said it is not seeking to stop the vote but rather ensure that every ‘legal’ vote is counted and that no ‘illegal’ votes are counted.” Fox News reported.

Democrats are now demanding that Donald Trump concede the election immediately,though he should not until investigations have taken place.

If Democrats wanted there to be a clear victor on election night they shouldn’t have messed with the voting system.

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Republicans have been warning for months that last minute changes to a mail-in voting system was a bad idea.

Yet the Democrats will probably try and keep the mail-in ballot changes.

The former Republican Attorney General of Nevada, Adam Laxalt, speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” said that without mail-in ballots Trump would have won.

“There is no question that Donald Trump would have won Nevada last night convincingly if we did not move to mail-in ballots,” Laxalt asserted. “And again, we don’t know how [many] bad voters there are in this giant stack. We also know there are likely to be dead voters. There are likely to be people that have moved out of Las Vegas but found their ballots were still cast. So we’re looking into all of this, but it’s just astounding when you watch the news commentary last night about this. They keep acting like these systems are foolproof, and there’s no way that any improper voter can get through. And it is just simply not true.”

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