William Barr

The Democrats pushed for this one idea.

They had no idea the chaos it would cause.

Now, William Barr had one big reality check about the dangers of mail-in voting.

With election day drawing closer and COVID-19 showing no signs of disappearing completely, Democrats and Republicans alike are scrambling to find a solution to the voting problem.

The Democrats’ solution to the closing of public buildings is to substitute in mail-in ballots.

They claim this strategy is foolproof and will ensure everyone’s vote gets counted correctly.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

And William Barr explains why.

In an interview between Wolf Blitzer of CNN and Barr, Blitzer brought up the subject of mail-in ballots, hoping to back Barr into a corner.

Blitzer wanted Barr to state that fraud is not a problem in country-wide mail-in voting, but he was not prepared for Barr’s rebuttal.

Barr started with the results of a study conducted in 2009 – co-authored by Jimmy Carter – which revealed the potential for massive fraud in such a system.

When Blitzer dismissed this information and kept insisting the potential for fraud was low, Barr fought back.

Below is a transcript of their conversation:

“BLITZER: But there were individual cases, but as far as widespread fraud, we haven’t seen that since —

BARR: Well, we haven’t had the kind of widespread use of mail-in ballots as being proposed. We’ve had absentee ballots from people who request them from a specific address.

Now, what we’re talking about is mailing them to everyone on the voter list when everyone knows those voter lists are inaccurate. People who should get them don’t get them, which is what has been one of the major complaints in states that have tried this in municipal elections. And people who get them are not the right people. They’re people who have replaced the previous occupant, and they can make them out and sometimes multiple ballots come to the same address, with a whole generate — several generations of occupants.

You think that’s a way to run a vote?

BLITZER: Well, the only thing I’m saying is that so far, we haven’t seen widespread fraud.

BARR: So far we haven’t tried it.


BARR: The point is —

BLITZER: There’s been a lot of us — there are several states that only have mail-in voting including a Republican —

BARR: Wolf, this is dealing with fire. This is playing with fire. We’re very closely divided country here.”

Barr is absolutely correct when he states “this is playing with fire.”

He outlines that a mass voting of this magnitude has never been attempted before.

While it has seen some success in individual states, those cases were rampant with fraud already.

On top of the fiasco involving the USPS, there is no scenario in which mass mail-in voting can be 100% accurate, or as Blitzer put it, “fair and balanced.”

It simply is not possible.

But the Democrats will continue to push this idea, despite the obvious pitfalls and potential for fraud.